Direct3D Returned An Error?
#1 17-04-2021 
Hello! Sorry I have yet to properly introduce myself but I'm having this issue with my game and it only happened when I was trying to change my Sims appearance in accessory. I received a message saying that "Direct3D returned an error: D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY! The application will now terminate".
I have gotten the graphic rule from here and my game was running good until last night. I'm not sure exactly what the message mean and was wondering if someone here could help me. I tried looking on google for some answers and this site came up and I'm very familiar with this site and come here a lot to get info and help. I was never mislead with the info I would get from here. I will add my computer specs below. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

.txt  COMPUTER SPECS.txt (Size: 348 bytes / Downloads: 250)

#2 17-04-2021 
Hi SimsPlayer,

They 'rules' for this section include that you should attach your XXXXX-config-log.txt file from the game's logs folder to your post. That file helps us determine what is wrong. Without that file, all we can do is making some wild guesses that probably will not help you much.

#3 18-04-2021 
Thank you for the reply. When I look in my Logs folder located in My documents/EA Games/TS2 Ultimate Collection/Logs there is a lot of files there but nothing that says config-log.txt or is there another place I should look? There's a lot of Sims2Exception Files.

#4 18-04-2021 
That's the right place to look - the log file starts with your computer's name... NAME-config-log.txt

#5 19-04-2021 
When I go to that folder (Logs), there is no config-log.txt in the folder. There is a bunch of other files like; AppAsserts, AppErrors, AppWarnings, AudioErrors, ObjectError and etc along with A lot of Sims2Exception files. Inside of the config folder(my documents/ea games/TS2 Ultimate Collections/Config) there's a broadcast.ini, userProps.xml and a VideoCapture.ini There is literally not config-log.txt in either folder. Should I look some where else? I attached a file to show where I go...


#6 19-04-2021 
If there is no config-log.txt file at all, that would mean that the game has never completely started.
But you claim that you're trying to alter a sim's accesories, which implies that the game was running.
If the game is running, there MUST be a <your computer-name>-config-log.txt file, although in the explorer, it is possible that you do not see the .txt extension.

Please check your Logs folder again. As it stands, it is impossible for us to help you, because we have no idea how the problem is caused.

#7 20-04-2021 
Oh. My. God! I feel so slow right now. I kept scrolling over the text file and it was there the whole time. I guess my pc not really having a name is what threw me off. the file is attached below. Sorry about that guys Confused

.txt  CONFIG LOG TXT.txt (Size: 10.25 KB / Downloads: 296)

#8 20-04-2021 
First thing:
Name (database): Radeon ™ RX 480 Graphics <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>
So use the NEW Graphics Rules Maker? (The old one isn't safe for W10 PCs)
It will help you set your GPU.
Then, clear your caches (found in your Docs folder)

Second thing:
Memory: 2048MB
Free memory: 2048MB

If you actually have more than 2Gb RAM on your machine, you need to do the 4Gb fix.
And, if you are using Origin's UC, are you using a noCD.exe to launch your game? (So it doesn't "phone home" to Origin?)
The NoCD that we recommend is "George" - and it is already 4Gb'ed, if you get the bottom one.
Hint: Once you have George in place, do NOT click "Run as Admin" - that will undo the 4Gb'edness Wink

Good luck ~ let us know how it goes!

#9 20-04-2021 
@CatherineTCJD - it's fine to run as admin with the 4GB patch in place, it's compatibility mode that causes the patch to unset itself!

#10 21-04-2021 
@TheDarkLady - I thought you couldn't change any of those things AFTER applying the patch. I did them all BEFORE I did the patch - so I never had that issue...

But - good to know - and thank you for clarifying Wink


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