Unable to start Sims 2 on my brand new computer
#1 05-05-2021 
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I've been having a hell of an evening trying to get this game working on my new Lenovo Ideapad laptop.

So once I installed the game I added the 4GB patch and followed the Graphics Rule Maker steps from UrbanSims' video. I was still getting the Direct X 9.0 error but was able to do a windowed launch of the game and it seemed to work fine. Still desperate to figure out how to launch the game normally from Origin, I followed instructions on manually adding my graphics card to the Video Cards file in the Configs folder, but still no luck.

I then attempted to return to launching the windowed version of the game yet I was getting a crappy 320x200 resolution. I went back into my Graphics Rules file and ensured the all the resolutions were set to 1920x1080. Yet the game still wouldn't launch in the proper resolution.

After another fresh uninstall, I followed the same procedures as before. However, this time after applying the 4GB patch I'm receiving an Direct3D Out of Video Memory error. I am a little at loss as to what I should do next. I bought this laptop specifically to play the game and I really can't find a workaround. I've attached my log if anyone can help me out. I appreciate it in advance

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I can’t get mine to start either did you figure it out?

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@paradisezone, looking at your config-log, I expect that your texture memory setting is the problem, but I need to see your DXDiag.txt to figure out what value it should be.
So I would appreciate it if you could share that file with us.


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