Unable to Edit Video Card
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Hello all,

Firstly thanks so much for providing all the necessary info for updating graphic cards, although I'm in need of a bit of help.

So I'm operating on Windows 10, and I've attached my -config.log.txt-

Like many others, I'm having issues with the flickering in-game. However, I've encountered 2 issues while trying to fix up the graphics.

1. I do not have the file for Fun With Pets - I do have Mansions and Gardens, so I figure I'll just edit the videocard.sgr for that pack, however,
2. When I add my device and card name information under Intel, it won't let me save the file because I don't have the correct permissions. When I've tried to run Notepad as an administrator and pull up the videocard file, it doesn't appear.

Has anyone run into these problems and can offer advice?

Thanks in advance!

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To your points 1 and 2:
1. Mansion & Gardens Stuff is included in Fun with Pets, so they both use the same executable! The videocards pack is fine with either.
2. Are you using the same user account to edit the files as was used to install the game? If not, that would explain the permissions issue.

I'm not sure if this is going to affect the flickering, but your config-log suggests that you do NOT use the 4GB patch.
Also, your texture memory is set to 32 MB. With that setting.
With these two issues, I would be surprised if you could even open any household without crashing.

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If you run the latest GRM as admin it should allow you to edit and save the files. Alternatively if you wish to edit them manually, cut and paste the files to desktop, edit & save, then cut and past back to program files.

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One workaround compelling was to copy the video card.SGR file to my desktop, make the edits there and then move it back to its original folder. This way, you can bypass the permissions issue. Also, make sure you are logged in as an administrator. If the file isn't showing up, try opening Notepad as an administrator first, then navigate to the file from within Notepad.
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