Sims 2 4GB Patch not working help
#1 07-06-2021 
Please could somone help me ? I have tried the 4gb patch but it didn't seem to work it only goes up to 3000 and something.

I have had the game work previous but all of a sudden it has started crashing ☹ Help??

i attached what you needed but not sure if they attached ?? it wont let me attach the config file...

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 80.67 KB / Downloads: 151)
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 80.67 KB / Downloads: 151)
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#2 07-06-2021 
Hi @Chelsxwatson,

Currently, we see only the DxDiag.txt, three times. The config-log.txt file is also a txt file, so it should actually be rather easy to attach that as well. Could you please try again? Because without it, we cannot do much, I'm afraid.

At any rate, I've peeked at your DxDiag file, and it says that your system has only 4GB of memory in total. So the 4GB patch works normally. It just can't give you more memory than is available after Windows has loaded, which is about 3000 MB. A minimum of 8 GB, but preferably 12 GB or 16 GB is required to get the game working properly. If your laptop is supposed to have more than 4GB of memory, then I suppose one of the memory chips has become defective, and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, I think you need to have someone add some memory expansion.

~ BO

#3 07-06-2021 

.txt  LAPTOP-41VV001P-config-log.txt (Size: 10.41 KB / Downloads: 163)
is this ok??

#4 07-06-2021 
Yep, that's the file we hoped to get, thank you.

Alas, though, the prognosis isn't good.

The "Memory:" line clearly indicates that the 4GB patch works properly on your system. But because your system contains no more than 4GB REAL memory, and Windows already uses a part of that, there isn't 4 GB of FREE memory available. And then the built-in graphics card also needs to share a part of that, causing there not to be enough memory for the game to run.
THAT is why it crashes. So it looks like what I said in my previous post, is the truth: you need to have more memory installed in this laptop, or the game will never run.

I'm awfully sorry, but there it is.

~ BO

#5 07-06-2021 
Ahh I see,
Thankyou for your help

#6 07-06-2021 
Your video card is not listed in the database, this can cause issues as well. Either manually add your card info to the videocards.sgr or download the latest version of GRM. You should still be able to play the game with 4gb, but you will want to use no cc and close every other program before starting.

#7 08-06-2021 
@HugeLunatic - It might run... probably only in a window at low resolution though, seeing as how there's not much texture memory available, either.

#8 08-06-2021 
Ahh so is it my Ram that is low then the memory if I get more Ram might it work?
because when I first got the laptop it was fine I also had cc on it too played like a dream

#9 08-06-2021 
Yes! Imagine that there are two 4GB RAM memory modules in your laptop. So then DxDiag shows 8 GB of RAM, and everything works well. You can play The Sims 2, even with some CC. Like it used to be...

But now suddenly, your laptop cannot play TS2 properly anymore, and DxDiag shows only 4GB of RAM. So I think that one of those memory modules has broken. And that is, as I said in my first post, why your system can't play TS2 properly anymore as it did before, and why it crashes all the time.

So you need to bring your laptop to a repair shop, and have them check out the memory situation. They should either replace the broken module, or add new modules to give your system more RAM memory. If that is done, it should all be much better. Doing this might be cheaper than buying another laptop.

#10 08-06-2021 
I see, that's great I will look into this Thanks again


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