Objects in inventory as result of good outcome for a chance card
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I'm working on a set of careers and I was wondering if the following is possible at all. My guess is not, but it doesn't hurt to ask or maybe someone knows a way around this to get a similar result Smile

Basically, I want my sim to receive an object rather than a monetary reward or higher skill level/promotion when having a good outcome for a chance card. Preferably something small, like a vase of flowers, certificate or something like that. The career is for teens/elders. As far as I'm aware, there isn't something like a career reward for them, is there? A construction like that would probably work too for the purpose of my career. Thank you!

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From what *I* know, a career reward is automatically given at a certain level of any career. And not even the same level for all careers, either.
The chance card system isn't set up to allow for objects to be selected as a gift. Regardless of whether those objects are careers rewards, or just gifts from the standard objects catalogue.
Making such gifts possible, would require a level of coding that goes beyond what modders can do. So I'm afraid you should not count on this happening.

I'm sorry.
~ BO


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