Bigger bills and lower wages
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I recently was able to get my TS2 game up and going again with all 8 expansions(no stuff packs). So I'm trying to get some of my mods. I love to play with longer lifespan, and to do so I need some mods. I haven't tested it yet, but I think I got the longer lifespan, and longer time to learn skill, and less money for gardening as it's a bit OP in it's original state + a few minor tweaks here and there. But a few things remains.

1. Bigger bills, the only one I could find seemed to make the bill 18 times bigger wich was a bit too steep for my taste. Could someone make it with a few flavors so I could find one that is challenging, but not impossible?
2. Slower skill for toddlers. I know I had one last time I was playing, but some of my favorites sites to get mods from back then are now not existing anymore.
3. Some objects to automatically change age up sims, like a birthday cake or something even if it's not their turn to lvl up, if I want a slower challenge. It's cumbersome to go into PE and change it if I just want to switch family.
4. Length of pregnancy. 9 or 15 days, with possibility to stop it or accelerate it from an item.
5. No 20k handout for sims moving out (maybee 1 k handout so they can afford 1 week rent at least)
6. Possibility to send money to other playable sims, and/or that sims moving out taking a % of house value when moving out depending on number of sims (ideally 100%/(number if sims in that generation), but I guess that could be a bit hard to mod.
7. I got a hack for life spawn and I edited in SimPe to fit my liking, but it's not working. Does it have to be somewhere else than the rest of my mods? Also now I can't seem it to load properly in Sim PE, but I know I saved the changes.(Nvm it does work, but not for the first life stage on CAS sim, they have to age first or do it manually with the Sim Blender) Same issue with the slower skill, not sure if that works yet.
8. A mod to make it much harder to get a promotion and that also lowers pay for most jobs to a more realistic amount. Not everyone should become a super hero, rockstar, MasterChef or leader of the world, just for showing up at work.

If someone could help me with these mods, either by making them or giving me a link if the mods already exist it would be highly appreciated.
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