Where to find same-sex version of Childhood Crush mod?
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Hello mr. BoilingOil! I have no idea if you're still active around here, but I was trying to hunt down your version of jase439's Childhood Crush mod (the one that allows same-sex crushes) that was once posted at Simbology. Since the website is no longer available and I can't find any reuploads anywhere, I was wondering if you still had it and could share it once again, or direct me to somewhere else where I can find it. Hopefully you're still around. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @mbanana,

First of all, points and kudos for getting my name right, and asking this question in exactly the right section of the board.
But I do not quite understand how you don't know if I'm still active around here Smile You managed to track my big white, hairy behind to this site/board, where I respond to posts almost daily.

Anyway, that doesn't matter. You're here, and you've come looking for something I made... So I'm gonna see what I can do... won't take but a minute...

* BoilingOil strolls off into his file manager, mumbling 'crap, don't even remember doing that... who requested that stuff again? and where did I save that, if I even bothered?'

...minutes pass...

* BoilingOil strolls back in, still mumbling... 'Dawgdarn, Rufus. Almost 10 years, and it's still there. But... in the WIP area? Hope it's complete.. wouldn't know how to finish it if it isn't, yet.'

Yup, here it is, son, or daughter... or whatever you want to identify as... Hope this is what you're looking for, and that it works, because I've been out of the modding game for so long, I wouldn't remember how to fix it. Good luck, and

Happy Simming,
~ BO

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* BoilingOil starts mumbling again... 'I wonder... I'd say if there was a test in the original, checking for opposite gender, I suppose I would've disabled or removed that test to make it universal, right? Let's see...'
* BoilingOil sits down at a desk, opens the original archive, double-clicks the .package, and SimPE opens. He looks at the TEST BHAV... 'Yup, gender testing confirmed.'
* BoilingOil opens the updated archive, looks at the same file... 'Hah, not as rusty as I thought, am I? I removed the gender test, indeed. Such a simple modification. That should work nicely!'

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Haha sorry about that, I only really looked around this part of the site and couldn't find any signs of recent activity, so I wasn't sure.
Anyway, thank you very much! I'll make good use of this!

#5 28-08-2021 
Well, it seems you won't be the only one, since it has already been downloaded four times by now. So, thank you for asking.


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