What's up with the main fish?
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I'm so sad to hear. She was such a great blessing to the community and always so patient and helpful.

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I can't even really find the right words. You will be incredibly missed Lee. My sincerest condolences to B and all Lee's loved ones.

A related side note: A little bit ago I was looking for something on our bookshelves and came across the baggie of foreign currency Uncle Frank (Lee's chosen nickname when we talked about my kiddos) sent to Bay for her birthday one year.

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(30-11-2021 10:29 PM)Ginnie Wrote:  Oh, no - Lee has been in my simming life for years. Are there any details? I will post this in my updates.

I know what you mean, Ginnie. I have, for 10 years now, posted my wares exclusively here. And I've done so, only because Lee asked me to become her first mods-contributor here.

As for the details... all that I know, is what Delphi (owner of MTS and of the server that Leefish.nl runs on) told me in PM two days ago, shortly after my top post: Lee got VERY ill at the beginning of the year, and passed away on August 19th. Any other details on the particulars of our loss will have to come from elsewhere, because sadly, I know nothing.

(01-12-2021 12:26 AM)mustluvcatz Wrote:  this is a shock - especially finding out that it was 3 months ago and I (and apparently quite the few others) had no idea.

My feelings exactly, Maria. But we should also be aware that Lee was a very private person. And she wasn't very active in the forums, not all that talkative. If SHE didn't tell us, where would the news have come from?

Condolences to all of you, my friends. We all lost a big part of our Simming lives.


~ BO

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Oh my, I don't even know what to say. Lee, you will be missed and I'm so sorry that I haven't been around in a long time. You were basically the first online gaming friend that I made and I'm grateful to have known you.

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my heart is sore. Sad I learnt so much from you, both your talent, grace and calmness in the face of irritation. You were priceless.

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What incredibly sad news - condolences to all her friends and family.

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She had been ill this year (no details), and passed away in August. Her partner B. reached out to me on MTS and let me know a couple months ago, but she wanted to try and get in touch with people over here first, hence why I sat on the news, since obviously this was her home, and it wouldn't have been right for me to announce anything on MTS first. However, since that didn't happen (for whatever reason), I let BO know via PM about it a couple of days ago.

We don't have any details about what happened (nor should we ask). My condolences go out to her family and loved ones. She will be missed!

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Well, BO - I'm thinking the news would have come from B. But it didn't and that's fine because whether to share here was 100% up to her.

And I do agree with D re "nor should we ask"... even though I DID ask. There are bound to be questions when one finds out someone passed away but the details really aren't my business.

I'm gonna miss seeing that little fish.

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B had gotten in touch with me some two months ago, asking in PM if she could ask me a personal question about Lee. I told her what little I know, which was next to nothing. My response to B may have sounded stand-off-ish, which is also to be expected: a complete stranger (from my perspective) asking about someone who never shared any personal data, and I had nothing. So, it's not my fault, but my response must have made it harder for her to continue. Whatever the case, though, I haven't heard from her since. No explanation, no further questions. I understand how hard it must be for her to get in touch with any of us here. She doesn't know any of us, nor do we her.

So we're in agreement on that, Maria & Delphy: if B does not want to tell us, or does not yet know how to bring the news, then it's just not for us to know, yet. Maybe some day. We can hope, but we shouldn't ask. There is enough pain for her and Lee's family and friends to deal with, that we need not pile on.

All my best for B and her family and friends, Lee's loved ones, and all of you here,

~ BO

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It's literally been years since I've been on here, but I felt I had to come to say how very, very sorry (and more than a little shaken) I am to learn about Lee's death. She was a wonderful person, a great creator and she'll leave a huge void behind in the community. Sad My condolences to all her loved ones.

(But I'm glad to learn a little more about why the news wasn't shared until now, because when I heard about it yesterday and realised that people at MTS had known about it for months but (to me) apparently didn't think it was important enough to share with the community - I was furious. But now that I know it wasn't because Delphy and the rest over there were being flippant about it, but in fact quite the opposite, it makes me feel a little better. Heart )


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