What's up with the main fish?
#31 02-12-2021 
Unfortunately I have a concert on Saturday and will be busy from 5pm (UK time) onwards.

#32 02-12-2021 
Would Sunday work instead?

#33 03-12-2021 
Okay - I'll put it on my calendar. Ginnie

#34 03-12-2021 
Sunday is ok for me, too! Will try to come and see on both day.

#35 04-12-2021 
Sunday this week doesn't work for me either as I'm going to listen to a concert Sad

#36 04-12-2021 
Gonna prepare dinner now. Will be there, in the chat room, later tonight. See you!

#37 22-12-2021 
Oh, hell. Haven't we already had enough death for this year? For this decade? Sad

Happy trails, Leefish. You were always a delight to chat with. (Yes, maybe even whenever I was grinding my rather large axe with MTS and you had to tell me to knock it off.) This not only leaves a hole in our little community but places the future of this site in question as well.

I too will be waiting for further revelations, because this was sudden and unexpected from my point of view as well. I thought that she was just taking a break! What happened, and why did it happen?

Perhaps this is why we should all have one or two AFK contacts; otherwise, how would anyone know when someone in the online communities has finished their life journey without us? We had someone over in the Savage Frontier community just up and vanish one day almost two years ago; we haven't heard anything from him since then, and we may not hear from him ever again. so there will always be that nattering question of "What happened?" We may never know. Sad

(Either that or maybe I and whoever else should add certain little provisions to their Last Wills and Testaments, just in case. "Hey. Brother Craig and Nephew Drew. If you're listening to my attorney saying this, then apparently I too failed the Immortality Test. So after you wrap up here, go to my house, get the house key inside the little purple birdhouse out back, let yourselves in and find that red Office Depot flash drive underneath the Canon printer in my bedroom. Open the file named "My Big Fat Final Auf Wiedersehen.rtf". Copy it, then access each of the following forums on the following websites with the following Usernames and Passwords, start a new topic in each one, Paste that big, weepy pile of glurge and Submit. Thanks a million in advance! Dad and I will hold some seats for y'all in Elysium or Nirvana or the Happy Hunting Grounds or wherever the hell we ended up. Be good!" Something like that. It's an idea, anyway. Undecided )

#38 22-12-2021 
Hi dear Pizza Fish, I understand very much your point about having one or two other AFK contacts, etc. ... and it is interesting indeed! We may do so.

Let me however leave this here: we all belong to one thing: a universe that once was smaller than a dot (we call this in science, a singularity) and that has, since then, unfurled to a wider reality, but we are, all the same and somehow, all connected because at one point in time we *bluntly* physically were! :o Huh :o The "real" void / the "true" vacuum is only some conceptual thinking and doesn't exist by its very nature. Nothing is... nothing. Nothing doesn't exist in reality, because it exactly is nothing.

...There is this quote from Brit Marling's movie I Origins (2014):
Quote: [...] Yeah. You know how? When the big bang happened, all the atoms in the universe, they were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward. So my atoms and your atoms were certainly together then, and, who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years. So my atoms have known your atoms and they've always known your atoms. My atoms have always loved your atoms. [...]

I think that it is positive enough, to see and to think that we seem to be One. The good, ...and the bad... ok, together, (unfortunately, if I may say, for once), ok. But we are One. And this makes me feel happy for some reason... It's reassuring to me... Even if I can be wrong... It doesn't truly matter...

Lee never disappears. She exists. Within us. Smile Heart

That said, we all experience sorrow in our lives, and I did, I do and I will do, too, of course, it's natural. They are moments of life.

#39 10-01-2022 
Lee was an incredible friend and an incredible person. To know her was to love her. Although we hadn't been in touch for years, she'll always have a special place in my heart, which is currently shattered.

B if you're reading this - know that she loved you SO much (seriously she never stopped talking about you!) and our hearts are with you. Heart


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