New win 10 laptop - sims2 stuck in 800x600
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I got a new windows 10 laptop. I'm stuck in 800x600 in the sims 2. I followed every single instruction on this board. I downloaded the correct graphics and video sgr files and installed them in both config and cconfig. I checked them to make sure the video card is listed. It is. My log file doesn't say "not in database". I cannot figure out what, if anything, I'm doing wrong.

Help! I need my game not to be in 800x600! Other than that problem, it's loading fine and playing well. I literally have no idea what else to try.

I upload the config log. Machine is Acer Aspire 5. Windows 10 Home.

Despite adding the recommended sgr files from this site and despite the video sgr file having the correct video card listed, I'm stuck in 800x600.
.txt  RAM-config-log.txt (Size: 10.32 KB / Downloads: 125)

EDIT:: I fixed it by running as administrator. I honestly don't get it. All the files are correct and show the right stuff. Windows 10 can bite my ass.
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#2 12-02-2022 
Hi @slipperz,

Your config-log shows that you have only 2048 MB of RAM. If your new lappie actually has a lot more than that, then you need to get George for the 4 GB patch. Because without that:
  • your game can only access 2 GB
  • thus, your built-in graphics card gets only 32 MB texture memory
  • thus, your game is stuck in 800x600 resolution, because there isn't enough graphics memory.

If George doesn't help, then you need to run DxDiag for me and attach the DxDiag.txt, so we can verify how much RAM your laptop really has, and if there's something else that causes trouble.

Good luck,
~ BO


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