4GB Patch not working - Game keeps crashing
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Update: just ran the game again today for about an hour and it didn't crash, though the free memory still hasn't reached 4096 mb (is it really that bad that it doesn't?)

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Do you have other programs running in the background? The fewer background programs, the better.

(13-03-2022 02:44 AM)imnotcat Wrote:  the free memory still hasn't reached 4096 mb (is it really that bad that it doesn't?)

It isn't us, who came online with a question about the game crashing and memory being low. As long as the game crashes, we will do anything we can to help you improve stuff. And experience teaches us that having as much memory avaible as possible, is always a good thing with this game. So, as long as you keep feeling that it should be better, it should be better and we'll try to help.

Happy Simming,
~ BO

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Yes, this is normal. You only have 8gb of ram. Free memory is simply what is left after everything you have open takes its piece. Try closing any unnecessary programs before running the game.

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Makes sense then, and yes, I've started paying more attention to which programs use up a lot of memory and closing them as well as setting the game as high priority when I launch it.
I've done what you suggested and it hasn't been crashing anymore so for now I'll leave it like this and stop trying to get the free memory to a point where it's not really possible for my ram.
Thanks for your help and quick replies Big Grin

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I find it interesting that we all have different experiences in getting things to work. For example, I never had any issues with Windows 10 while others had issues.

#16 13-03-2022 
@imnotcat Right now, if you would still want more free memory while playing the game, your only recourse would be to have more RAM installed into your computer.
The advantage of more free memory would be that you can have more programs running in the background, but more importantly, also that you can have more CC in your game without it starting to crash on you again.

@MontanaMay, yeah, I've specifically avoided upgrading my Windows version -- I am still on Win7 -- because I don't want to risk experiencing the trouble that some people have had. It's really a big hit-n-miss game, where you simply cannot say whether everything will go smoothly or not. As long as W7 works, I'll stay with it!

#17 14-03-2022 
I don't have windows 10 anymore but I have Widows 11 now. Dad bought me the new laptop with some of my student loan money. I had to persuade him not to get a Chromebook because I was unsure if Sims 2 would run. For all I know, Chromebook would run Sims 2 but I wasn't taking chances with it.


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