Unable to play Sims 2 (Crashing)
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Hello! So this is going to be long so I can describe everything I have done.

I was gifted sims 2 discs. Here are the discs I have:
Double Deluxe, University, Pets, Seasons, H&M, and Apartment Life.

I first started with installing double deluxe alone and I was able to load in and get into CAS but eventually crashed. So I knew about some trouble shooting that needed to be done but I decided to install all of the games first and then troubleshoot.

I installed in pack order as well, in case that mattered. I tried installing the 4GB patch to the Apartment Life (because its the latest pack I have) but no matter what pack I selected (I tried on every pack installer), I always was unable to get 4GB patch installed (I looked at the config logs to see if it had been properly installed but wasn't.) I am crashing in a variety of ways depending on how I troubleshoot, mostly being when I click on a world to play on and it either gets stuck on that loading screen after a few minutes, or crashes on that loading screen and takes me to my desktop after a few minutes.

I installed patches for each game pack that had a patch but even though Apartment Life was considered the latest pack, the game told me there was a later pack installed. I also noticed when trying to install the patch for University, it wasnt telling me "patch installed", it would just display the University logo for a bit and then be gone (I could end up continuing to "patch" University without being told it was up to date unlike the other packs that would say "game is up-to-date"). (I couldnt download the Nightlife patch because it wasnt reading Double Deluxe as being Nightlife alone)

I've tried moving my installer of Apartment Life that I patched with the 4GB patch to my CSBin from the TSBin but still nothing.

I dont know if I am install the 4GB patch to the wrong pack (since of Double Deluxe) or whats going on. If someone can give me some things to do, that would be appreciated as I really want to play! Im willing to reinstall if someone can give me a step by step on what to do as I cant seem to find a solution that directly relates to people with TSM2Big GrinD, I think that might be why I am having trouble. Let me know if theres any other questions that I can answer to help!

**edit.. I installed just double deluxe, I crashed but then applied the 4G patch. According to the config file it said it wasn't applied but I was able to create a sim and play a bit. I didn't crash or at least played long enough to see if I would. I dont know which files to change as it seems no one discusses what to do if you have double deluxe. I also cant change any of the GraphicRules to change resolution. I've tried changing multiple files under that name under just double deluxe and still nothing. I actually now crash again when I change all the files. So Im planning on going back... help. Im trying to get all these packs setup**

My stats:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
Ram: 32GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB
Motherboard: MSI A320M pro VD +

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#2 11-05-2022 
Try running GRM as admin, as of right now the game isn't recognizing your GPU. You will want to move the exe file to desktop, apply 4gb patch, then move it back to tsbin. tsBin is a protected system folder and windows won't let you make changes to files there.

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But which game file am I moving to the desktop? Like even though I have Apartment Life, its still telling me I have a pack that is latest than it even though technically I dont. Im assuming that since Im using the Dobule Deluxe CD etc that I do it with that one? But just file in that? Theres like EP99, EP2, and SP4 (or something like that)

#4 11-05-2022 
Use EP99

#5 11-05-2022 
I don't know why you're suffering through with an incomplete set? If you have your reasons, then do it, of course...
But, if it was me, I'd DL the oldGames version (which is missing the IKEA SP - https://oldgamesdownload.com/the-sims-2-...llection/) or the updated TS2 Starter Pack (which has the GRM and RPC included - https://github.com/voicemxil/TS2-Starter-Pack) and make life a lot easier on yourself Wink

If you get one of those ^ Be sure you completely uninstall what you've been trying to use, first.

These are not considered illegal. The game is unsupported, and can't be purchased anywhere. Either of those links are fine to use.

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@CatherineTCJD Are you sure?? I dont want to get in legal trouble by downloading this as I know there are TS3 and TS4 versions of links like this that have gotten people in trouble

#7 12-05-2022 
TS2 is no longer supported by the company. (Unlike TS3 and TS4) This is fine. They gave it away themselves, a few years ago. Wink

#8 12-05-2022 
Unsupported and unavailable, aka Abandonware, does not equal no copyrights and it is still illegal to download/upload. For the most part EA ignores it, but again, they still hold the copyrights and can enforce it at any time.

Apartment Life is your newest EP, unless you have installed Store Edition. You want to use GRM on EP08 or EP99 if you have it. No idea which folder that may show up in.


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