Front Page needs MOAR sez Cmo
#1 12-10-2010 
As you may know, I spend a lot of time twiddling with leefish layout etc. I'm a noob, and not very good at javascript etc (and I don't really like flash-driven websites) but I am trying.

Cmo said recently that the front page needs a bit more oomph (I agree) and why not make it more exciting. Well, I can easily add stuff to the front page (or anywhere really) using basic free stuff from around the web. But thats not very dynamic - by dynamic I mean instead of me snuffling about in some supersekrit boss-fish area and adding all the files etc to the css/html by hand the users should be able to add stuff.

Other issues are:

Design: LeeFish is NOT a fixed width layout (otherwise there are crying sounds that the page is small waaahhhh).

This means just bunging a slider in from jQuery or something is not gonna look very pretty as they require fixed width and links to the <img src> refs - and all our data is in the database and served up dynamically via php. (see above)

Database: We are on a shared server (very small data storage, server shared with like 5000 other sites...) so I need to find solutions that fit in our space/bandwidth limitations.

I found this neat article: I will check it out.

Drive: Um yes well, I have to do it all - its ok, I like it, but this means it all takes time, especially if I am making sims stuff, rebuilding home pages and generally having a life.

Will take time, but I AM working on it.
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#2 15-10-2010 
Aaaand its looking good - my good pal lobster has made an AJAX refresh thingy so that the random downloads panel refreshes every 15 seconds (without a page request) and my equally good pal RateU fixed the plug in so that it COULD be random to be AJAX'd. AJAX is fast and sleek and light on the server, so I am pretty happy today. Smile

Thanks guys - and now on to a rotating announcements thing and SOMETHING for the index....

...I also updated the tracker so I will relaunch a proper projects area.....

Its all looking good, apart from the menu (which I am hiding from). It does cause an extra 10 queries on the front page though. So erm.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower


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