Graphics Card not found in database
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Hi all. According to my config-log, my graphics card isn't showing up in my database. I'm fairly certain this never used to be the case, my hardware is decently outdated... so I'm not sure if that could be somehow the issue. I'm at a complete loss on what to do and I'd greatly appreciate some help. I have Ultimate Collection and my OS is Windows 11 Pro Version21H2 Build 22000.1098. I also have attached my dxdiag just incase thats of any help. Thanks.

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You should get and run the Graphics Rules Maker. (It will add your card for you...)
You will also want to 4Gb enable your TS2.exe - there are several ways to do that. I use "George" (...found here with more info.)
You may also want to read through this really good guide for setting up your system/game: Starter Guide.

Good luck! Wink

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@CatherineTCJD Thanks so much! Appears to be showing up and working just fine now Smile


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