I love snow globes, ever since I was little (and even though I'm probably far too old for it now), so I thought my Sims should have one, too. With animated snow, of course - it wouldn't be a very fun snow globe if the snow was static, now would it? Wink

Also, if you look at the snow globe at night, you'll see that the light in the windows flickers and glows. (The snowman glows a little, too, because I'm silly that way. Tongue)

Edit: By popular demand (well, by Fish Lord demand, anyway Wink), the snow globe can be found here.

Let It Snow! Screenshot Let It Snow! Screenshot Let It Snow! Screenshot        
#9 11-01-2012
Oh yeah! With glitter instead of snow, I don't think it snows in space but there's lots of stars. (It could be a star globe) Smile Or what about a meteor shower! Tongue

* Michelle will calm down and shut up now

#10 11-01-2012
* Nix sticks fingers in ears

Lalalala, not listening! Not listening! Wink (And I'm not contemplating how the animation would react to an envcube and some shiny-ness, absolutely not...)


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