Discussion (0)Aspiration Rewards: make them yourself!
Some modders/creators have made a number of cool gadgets/tools that would be great as Aspiration Rewards. However, they're usually made into ordinary custom objects that can be bought for some arbitrary amount of Simoleans.
At the same time, the Aspiration Rewards that come with the game just don't do it for every simmer. So you're collecting all those Aspiration Reward points, and you have no clue what to do with them, right?

Wrong! Here's how to kill two birds with one stone: convert those custom objects into Reward objects yourself:

Making a custom object into an aspiration reward is SimPlE (pun):
  1. Open the package in SimPE and open the OBJD resource in Plugin View.
  2. Under the 'Catalog Sort' tab, tick the "Aspiration" box, and un-tick all others.
  3. Under the RAW data tab, find the 'price' line, and add the price in Asp points that you want to associate to the object!
    (NOTE: you don't need a separate HEX-DEC converter for this: in the top-right corner of this tab, you'll find a radio button named 'Decimal'. If you click that, you can add your numbers in decimal values.)
  4. Save the object, and you're done.

Now, all you'd have to do before starting your game, is to delete the groups.cache file. From now on you can buy that object as an Aspiration Reward.

The only disadvantage here is: you lose the object as a normal buyable object, because you can't have two with the same GUID.
An alternative would be to CLONE the original object, give it a new GUID, and use the above directions on the clone in stead!
One last NOTE: the price can NOT be more than 32,760 points, since that's the max number that fits the field and conforms to aspiration points conventions (always a multiple of 10).

Now you have new ways to waste those Aspiration points. Enjoy!


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