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I've found something that annoyed me a bit with Pixelhate's full wall posters and any of their clones (like the ones CatherineTCJD made here and here).
Since these objects are all "paintings" (or, more specifically, wall-hangings), sims tend to go view them, and comment on them as if they're works of art. I don't feel a grunged wall or a stain of blood should recieve that much attention. So I set out to do something about it, and found that to be quite easy:

- Open up the mesh in SimPE, select the OBJD resource in Plug-in view, and open the RAW data tab. Then find the line saying "0x0007: Interaction Table ID, and change the value to 0xFFFF. Then commit! (In the file for the 2-tile poster, all three OBJDs need to be changed accordingly for it to work) This alters the object so it can no longer be intracted with! Now, one can even delete the BCON and FWAV resources, as they're no longer needed, making the file a bit smaller. Now save the file, and it's done! .

Also, CatherineTCJD made her meshes to be free of charge (§0), but she kept the Room score (ratingRoom) at 1. With layering, one could therefor hang a huge number of objects on a wall, and thereby make any old broom closet feel like the Royal Hall at no cost at all! Yuck, that's cheating... If you only use the game for illustrating your stories, then I guess it wouldn't matter much, really. But if you're actually PLAYING the game, it shouldn't be this easy. But we can do something about that, too:

- Again in the Mesh' OBJD resource, on the RAW data tab, select the line that says "0x0058: ratingRoom" and change the value to 0x0000. Commit and save when ready.

And one last thing: I've found that for example DJ-Music's recolors (no longer available) did fit better on CatherineTCJD's INside mesh than on Pixelhate's original. That can also easily be arranged:

- Open the recolor you want to move in SimPE, select the MMAT resource in Plug-in view, and alter the line "objectGUID (dtUInteger) = 0x0029e518" to read "objectGUID (dtUInteger) = 0x00608F03" (0x00608F04 for Outside overlays). Commit and save. Done!

So, in conclusion: one could make multiple different clones of any of these wall overlays, and re-categorize different recolors by assigning them to different meshes!

I just thought I'd throw this information out here, so people can do these things for themselves, if they want. It's just a matter of preference, really.

One last note: after making these changes, it might be a good idea to pull these objects through the Compressorizer (again).

Happy Simming,



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