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Sometimes you're not happy with a certain sim. Their personality may be boring, their Aspiration or Hobby sucks... you can do things about those. TwoJeffs' Sim Blender and many other objects like it help you there. But what if you're not happy with a Sim's gender? Now that's got you stuck, right?

Not anymore, if you know how to use SimPE!! Here's a method to quickly change a Sim's gender.

Important: this method usually only works properly for playable sims. You may try this on townies, but success is NOT guaranteed...
  • Start SimPE, load up the neighborhood, and make sure you're in Plugin View.
  • In the Sim Browser, find and double-click the sim of your choice.
  • In the Overview tab, there's a line saying "Treat as (*) Male (*) Female".
  • ^ Check the correct one & click Commit.
  • Select "Save" from the 'File' menu.
  • Select "Open Character File" from the 'More' menu.
  • In Resource List, click on 'Age Data' and look for the line that says: "Gender (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001 (is female) or 0x00000002 (is male)"
  • ^ Change this to the sex you want & click Commit.
  • In Resource Tree, click on 'Property set'.
  • ^ In Resource List, go through each set & change the gender to what you want (as you did with Age Data above) & click Commit every time.
  • Select "Save" from the 'File' menu.

That's it, they are changed!

Now shut down SimPE, and start the game.
Enter the household where your trans-gendered sim lives.
The sim should automatically have changed, but may show some bad seams in the hair-line/face/neck area.
To clear those up, send your Sim to a mirror to change appearance. You do NOT need to actually change anything (although you can, if you want).
Save and exit the change appearance interface, and your sim will be fine.


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