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Lipstick, or really just make up in general, is very difficult to create. The one look that's the most difficult as far as lipstick is concerned is a sheer glossy effect. In TS2 to create a lipgloss, you simply painted on a glossy lip texture and slapped it on the sim. However, in TS3 this is not the case. Really, no matter what you do to the lip overlay texture, it'll get washed out from the way TS3 renders its graphics. So instead of relying on the texture, you can manipulate the color channels via an RGB mask to "fake" a glossy shine.

Like many other things when it comes to TS3 creation, I know the general "how-to" on creating glossy textures, however my own personal textures are far from perfect. This tutorial is simply to show the basics. Something that makes you go, "ahhhh, that's how it's done!" Then, it's up to you to take my basic instruction and apply it to something outstanding! :)
Although all of my work is hand done by me, I would still like to credit Lemonleaf's Sims Cafe. I spent weeks studying how he/she did their lip textures, and after many attempts I feel confident enough to show what I've learned.
What You'll Need
-- Adobe Photoshop (purchase) or GIMP 2.0 (free)
--DDS Plug-in for Photoshop or GIMP

(I'll be using Photoshop 7.0, so if you're using a different program the screen shots will be different but the concept is the same.)
Step 1: Prep-Work

You'll need to extract a blank lip texture using the CAS creation program of your choice. I personally use the CAS Texture + Unitool (CTU), but you can use TSR Workshop or even S3PE if you choose, too. After you've extracted your lip texture, open it in your imaging program.
Step 1.1
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The key to getting a natural look to your lipgloss, or any makeup to be honest, is to use skintone colors on the base texture.

So for starters I'm going to select a light pinkish/tanish color to use as the base color for the lip texture. If you're using Photoshop or a program that allows you to save color swatches, I would save your base color for later reference.
<br clear="all">
Step 2: Defining the Lips
Step 2.1
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Make a new layer! In fact, for each step/addition create a new working layer. This is very important. ;)

Adjust your base color to a dark hue that's not black. Draw in two large dots where the corners of the mouth are.

Hint - To easily line up the mouth corners in photoshop, switch to the channels tab and ctrl + click the alpha channel layer. This should draw a fuzzy marquee around the lip area mapped out by the alpha channel.
Step 2.2
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Using the same color as before, draw a heavy black line in between the top and bottom lip textures. In the the center mass of the lips, come back and draw a slight arc under the top lip.
Step 2.3
Merge the mouth corner layer and lip line layers together and go to Filters -> Gaussian Blur. Blur the line until a soft dark shadow is cast in between the lips. Note: The Gaussian blur filter may be located in a different menu if using a program other than Photoshop.
Step 2.4
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Using the same dark color as before redraw the mouth corners, this time a little smaller. Then, draw a slightly thinner line, like before, in between the lips.

Defining the top and bottom lips, in my opinion, is what gives the lipgloss a more natural appearance. Without the "lip lining" your sims' lips will look like one big mass of color, instead of as two separate forms.
Step 3: Pucker Up!
Step 3.1
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Go back to your original base color, and paint in the lips completely. Don't worry about trying to "stay in the lines", this isn't kindergarten, we're breaking the coloring rules!

If needed, rearrange the layers to keep the lip line and shadow that we made before on top.
Step 3.2
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Darken your base color by adding a little brown to it and paint a thin oval in the center of the lips. As before with the lip line, Gaussian blur that oval until in makes a soft stain in the middle of the lips.
Step 3.3
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Next, you need to texture your lips. This is an arbitrary decision really, considering that the look you're going for may not be what I'm working towards.

After a few minutes of quick texturing, this is what I've come up with so far:
Step 3.4
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Once you've given your lips some texture, you need to go back and add the highlights. Remember that one of the more important highlights on the lips in the on on the top center of the upper lip. To create it you essentially draw a small white moon on the top of the lip texture. Use the Ctrl + Click method to get it lined up right.

With a bit of fiddling around, this is what I've came up with as far as highlights and shine.
Step 3.5
[f=481]Click to Enlarge[/f]
Now is a good time to save our work and see what we've done so far. Remember to save the lip overlay texture as a DXT5.

Import your texture either into CTU or TSRW to preview how it looks.
Step 4: Make Some Noise!
[f=485]Click to Enlarge[/f]
This next step is essential to preserve the lipgloss texture when in game!

Go to the filters menu and look for the Noise filter. Adding a little noise to the texture keeps the game from blurring the texture and making it one big mess.

Either apply the filter to each layer, or if you're feeling confident you can merge all layers and apply the filter to it as a whole. Just add a small amount of noise! A good way to judge what's a fair amount is to learn as far back in your chair as you can and slightly squint your eyes. If you can still make out the texture, then you're okay.
Step 5: Creating the RGB Mask
Please Note
As i stated in the introduction, the RGB mask is what actually give the lipgloss it's "shine". You have to manipulate the channels to give you the desired look. In my tutorial, I'm showing you how I made my mask for this particular lipstick. Depending on your personal style and design, your mask may differ.
Step 5.1
[f=488]Click to Enlarge[/f]
Set your paint brush color to pure red (R: 255 / G: 0 / B: 0). Using the Ctrl + Click method to guide you, paint in the inner part of the lips without extending to the edges.
Step 5.2
[f=491]Click to Enlarge[/f]
Next, set your paintbrush to pure yellow (R: 255 / G: 255 / B: 0) and paint around the edge of the red in a big messy circular motion. This insures even coverage of the edges.

Use the blur tool on the edges of the red to give it a smooth transition into the yellow.
Step 5.3
[f=494]Click to Enlarge[/f]
Now, we add in the artificial "shine". Using pure white, add in the areas where the highlights of the lips are the brightest. Once again this is an arbitrary decision that depends on your personal design.

This is what I came up with:
Step 5.4
Save your mask as a DXT1|No Alpha an import it into your CAS creation program.
Step 5.5
[f=497]Click to Enlarge[/f]
After a bit of playing around with the colors, this is what my finished product looks like in CTU.

Now notice there are some imperfections on the texture, which is to be expected. For example the top-center lip shine is way too big, and some of the highlights are off.
Finishing Up
[f=500]Click to Enlarge[/f]
My tutorial is just a quick and dirty one, which means that in order to get yours looking fabulous, you'll have to play around with it for a bit and tweak pieces here and there.

After fixing a few small issues, I packaged my lipgloss, and here's what it looks like in game:

Thanks for reading! Now go gloss some lips!
Special gift for you!
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