GRM & TS2 by Osab
#1 14-01-2023 
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Hey, I've spent all day trying to download the sims 2 starter pack from Osab and pretty much the only thing left to do is to set up the graphics but GRM keeps saying that it cant find the game application ;-; any advice? (im a total noob at pc stuff but i really thought i followed the instructions properly, sorry about this Sad )

im looking at the install log for the installer file and it says
19319 Installing Firewall exception ...
19319 Start Adding Application To Exception List
19319 ERROR: pFwApp->put_ProcessImageFileName
19319 Failed to install Firewall exception

idk if this means anything? maybe i messed up with my windows antivirus???

#2 15-01-2023 
Are you running the GRM as an Admin?


Sorry, that is a members only option