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hi! my name's nick, i've been playing the sims series since i was quite young. the sims 2 was one of my first video games ever, and has been a favorite of my mine for many years. i play it off and on, but currently i'm playing it. i joined up here because i kept seeing a lot of useful information, and figured it wouldn't be a bad idea.

more about me: i'm currently in college, i have 3 cats, and my favorite family to play as a child was the curious household, but now i enjoy the general TV soap opera vibes of pleasantview. hope to see y'all around! wave

#2 18-03-2023 
Welcome to our little pond wave

(Pssst - 5 cats here...) Rofl

#3 19-03-2023 
Good to see you here! I post the Sims finds in my little corner of the pond, so you may find some downloads to snag!


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