The Sims 2 no longer working - won't start up
#1 15-04-2023 
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So I had been playing The Sims 2 for awhile and been downloading Custom Content and checking how it looks in The Sims2BodyShop when suddenly The body Shop stopped working. So I thought whatever and tried loading up my game (The Sims 2 Bon Voyage) but it would no longer start up. I moved the custom content I just downloaded to my desktop and tried starting the game again but it still wouldn't work. So I tried looking up solutions and saw something about the 4G patch and tried that but it made no difference and when I looked at the config file it just shows the info for The Sims 2 Body Shop because the was the last thing I opened I guess before it stopped working. so I basically gave up for awhile because life got busy but now I've got a little extra free time and thought I would see if anyone here could help.

I don't know if there is a program I can download that can clean up my downloaded content or find the one that messed everything up, or if I do I have a memory issue and have to download the 4G patch but in a different way so it doesn't try to download onto the Body shop... I don't know. If I have to uninstall my games and reinstall them I want to make sure I can keep my families and houses and downloaded content but if the dowloaded stuff is the problem I don't want to have this problem again. I'm also not the most tech savvy though I can follow step by step instructions.

I have the physical CDS for The Sims 2 and these expansion packs: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons and Bon Voyage.

I've attached my log file but as I said it shows The Body Shop stuff and not Bon Voyage.

Processor Intel® Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.83 GB usable)
Device ID D2F7D5BC-E3D0-4A08-953B-E74BB7A37FA9
Product ID 00325-81435-24064-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎2022-‎01-‎17
OS build 19044.2604
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

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.txt  KELSEY-DESKTOP-config-log.txt (Size: 7.72 KB / Downloads: 125)

#2 16-04-2023 
Hi there!
First up - in your log, I see:
Intel® UHD Graphics 630 <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>
So, to add your graphics card to the database, use the GRM (GraphicsRulesMaker) from:

Then, I would suggest doing the 4gb fix - OR using "George" which has it included:

BUT!!! Before all that! Go get a complete copy of the game! Don't limit yourself to just BV.
EA gave the full game away to everyone who owned the discs at one point (which you do!) So, you should have the full game.
I recommend Osab's SetUp.
After you do what Osab suggests, then use the GRM, and 4Gb your launcher....

Of course - do all that before adding any CC. Get your game working and stable before adding CC.

Good luck!

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I have Pets as well as all the other expansion packs I mentioned, I just didn't install it because those things get annoying. But I'll take a look at that site first before trying your other recommendations.


#4 21-04-2023 
The log will show whatever was opened last, either the game or bodyshop. Did you also delete the cache when the game didn't start?


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