sims 2 issue terminating
#1 31-05-2023 
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HIYA! I'm getting issues with the sims 2 terminating itself.

Can someone check if this looks ok?
I've tried the graphic fix and the 4gb fix Sad

Windows 11 i think lol

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.txt  LAPTOP-F926RD4U-config-log.txt (Size: 10.6 KB / Downloads: 129)
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#2 31-05-2023 
The 4Gb didn't take...
Run the GRM first (GraphicsRulesMaker) Run it as Admin.
THEN, do the 4GB patch.
Good luck! Cool

#3 01-06-2023 
It is actually possible that the 4GB *did* take, but that the Texture Memory setting is taking a lot of the 4GB. The videocard looks like a built-in to me, and those built-ins are notorious for NOT having that much dedicated memory. So maybe lowering the Texture Memory setting to something like 3072MB or less could help...

#4 01-06-2023 
Good call BO.
@beckyeagles does your machine have a graphics card? (Other than the built in graphics on your motherboard?)
If it does, you should be using that one instead.

#5 01-06-2023 
That's an even better idea, Cat. I could be mistaken in assuming that this built-in is the only graphics card available. A DXDiag could've told us Smile

#6 01-06-2023 
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i have no idea Sad how can i check?

#7 01-06-2023 
If you've run the Graphics Rules Maker, and multiple graphics card options were present, then I expect it would've pointed this out to you. If it hasn't, and your system is a laptop, as some lines in your config-log.txt seem to indicate, then I think you might not have an alternative graphics card. In that case, you could simply try out my first idea and lower the Texture Memory setting as suggested.
Alternatively, if that doesn't fix the problem, you could simply find and run the DXDIAG program, and attach the output (a file named DXDIAG.txt) to your next post here. Then we will find it out for you and advise.


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