graphic rule maker: Graphic card ndvia not detected
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sorry if I speak bad English, I'm French, I use a trad..

I wanted to replay the sims 2 ultimate collection, I reinstalled via EA GAME origin except that the rule maker graphics application did not find my Nvdia graphics card it is the Intel which is put, so my game is ugly
Windows 10
I had no worries before and I have no worries on other games
[Image: 2blo.jpg]
[Image: 8krb.png]
[Image: 52uc.png]
[Image: lbo5.png]
[Image: rnx2.png]
I even force the game here nothing to do

I finally put this and it finally works
[Image: kjox.png]

it re bug when I either put the 4go patch? or that I handed over my files from before :/

Thank you for your help

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Your 4GB patch did not take:
Memory: 2048MB
Free memory: 2048MB
(those should say 4096, if it did)
The last thing you should do is your 4GB patch, the GRM will UNdo it.

But first you need to set your machine so that it uses the NVidia card, and not the basic intel one.
You should have an NVidia control panel - or even - a graphics control panel somewhere on your machine, where you can set which card TS2 uses.
I'm on W11, so mine is different than yours (and I only have one graphics card) But here is what mine looks like:

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Also, instead of posting a screenshot of one screen of the DxDiag program, it is best to attach the DxDiag.txt, so we have ALL information from that program. It may hide information that would help us help you better.


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