Dances with Cow Mascots
#1 27-06-2023 
[Image: TS2-DancesWCows01.png]
So Emma Cowbanger graduated from University, left campus and took all three of Académie le Tour's Cow Mascots with her.

How ambitious of her!

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows02.png]

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows03.png]

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows04.png]

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows05.png]
They lost most of their costumes as soon as they moved in with her.

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows06.png]
(Emma has the Power Girl bodyshape, and I really need to find and download more outfits for it. All three Cow Mascots are EA's bodyshape, so clothing them is a cinch.)

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows07.png]
Each of them came with oodles of negative Relationships and an Enmity or three, the fruits of their nonplayable antics around campus. They also came with scads of pent-up Hobby Enthusiasm points; two of them have Nature as their One True Hobby, and as soon as they started catching their first fish, Naenae Phillipine wandered in to offer them a Club Membership and a plaque for their flawless Nature Enthusiasm!

The third one is a natural Games hobbyist. She had to play two or three games of chess before she got her plaque, but she got there.

Two of them are also Family Sims, which means that Emma and her wee "harem" of Cow Mascots — two gals and a dude — are going to want to start making baby Cow Mascots sooner or later.

I wonder what I'll be doing with those children when they're old enough to go to college.... Confused

[Image: TS2-DancesWCows08.png]
So they lost their Cow Mascot costumes' "headgear" soon after. And they've since even become contributing citizens of society. Two of them are attorneys, the third one's a legal assistant and, generally, they're all rising stars in the Law career track

Imagine that. Cool

To be continued, eh?
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