Cat's Hair Binner Tutorial
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I'm currently learning to use Cat's Hair Binner to make greying adult hairs for Sims 2, out of the base game meshes and colors. The problem is I can't seem to get the hairs to show up in the appropriate bins for elder sims. Here is my process, and what happens with each variation:

I will have the hairs made and edited via Body Shop, package them via Body Shop with the appropriate textures for elders and adults. When I bin a single color of a hair, it will sort properly into the right color bin for an adult. However, once the sim turns into an elder, the hair designed for the elder lifestage is not linked properly (ie the hair changes when they age up) and the hair will only appear in the custom hair section. This seems to happen regardless of what settings I choose, including setting the grey settings to match the corresponding color.

When I bin 4 colors together, even when choosing not to set 1 grey for all colors, it will link to only one color upon the sim aging to an elder, and the other colors will reside in the custom hair bin.

What confuses me is that in Cat's original post, under the advanced options tab, she mentions geneticizing and binning hairs as if it's a setting or option we need to tick, but I don't see any options like that in the program itself. If there is I must be missing it, maybe it does it automatically? Posted below is the program to how I have it set when binning a single hair (sans same family and one grey for all colors options, I forgot to uncheck those when taking the screenshot). If there's someone who could explain how to use this properly, I would really appreciate it.

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