Even after all these years, some sims can still surprise me!
#1 26-08-2023 
I assume that most TS2 players who have had their sims visit some of the Maxis comm lots, will know who mrs Crumplebottom is: a nasty, grouchy old hag who, under the best of circumstances only YELLs at you for not being properly dressed. Anysim in underwear, swimwear or birth costume, gets thoroughly dressed down by the old crone until they dress up and be proper again.

Now there is this sim of mine; Zoraya Krantz, atrociously evil witch of high ability, member of a family that contains many witches of different alignments.
Zoraya's traits are:
Sloppy/Neat: 10
Shy/Outgoing: 10
Lazy/Active: 9
Serious/Playful: 3
Grouchy/Nice: 1
So recently, I was controlling Bärbel Roche, a sim from a different household, visiting Sim Center South (Downtown), where I see Zoraya walking around in her swimwear... She's obviously been swimming. Then I see mrs Crumplebottom making a beeline towards Zoraya, and like most of you, I was assuming the end of the story. So, I chose to give Bärbel my full attention, have her go fishing, or talk to other sims, whatever... Then, a minute or two later, I see Zoraya again, STILL in swimwear... I was intrigued: how was she not in her casual wear?

Then I saw old Crumplebottom make a beeline for Zoraya again, so this time I kept an eye on the two of them. And here is what I see.
First, old Wrinklebutt starts poking her finger towards Zoraya, and snarling some nasty remarks, telling her off for not being properly attired.
Then I see Zoraya point her finger back, and snarling at the old hag, as if saying: "All bark but no bite, your growling means nothing to me, old hag!"
And then, without getting properly dressed, Zoraya just walks away, and mrs Crumplebottom acts as if nothing has happened!

I was properly amazed by this exchange. Sometimes, these sims still teach me new things. Some sims don't let the old crone tell them what to wear!


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