Hey! :) New PC, but Sims 2 crashes...
#1 09-09-2023 
Hi! Big Grin Following Catherine's piece of advice, I'm posting here on LeeFish.

I have received my new PC yesterday. And my Sims 2 game is crashing as I try to enter a neighborhood... I have used Graphic Rules Maker and the 4GB Patch.

Below are some details:

- Windows 11 Family
- 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700KF
- 32 GB RAM
- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

Thanks in advance for any help.

- poisson

.txt  MYGAMINGPC-2024-config-log.txt (Size: 10.47 KB / Downloads: 150)

.txt  Sims2Exception 2023.09.09 01.18.31.txt (Size: 12.91 KB / Downloads: 124)
POISSON, proud to be a member of LeeFish.nl, since February 2014... Big Grin

#2 09-09-2023 
Instead of the Exception file, which hardly anybody here knows how to use anyway, I'd be happier to see a DxDiag, my dear French Fish.
The Config file looks okay, but without the DxDiag, we know not how accurate it all is.

#3 09-09-2023 
Hiya Poisson! Celebrate
Your config tells us the 4GB patch worked, and the GRM settings look right.
Which version of TS2 are you using? Discs, EA's UC, or another?
And - you are trying to get your basic game working before adding any CC/mods, right?

#4 10-09-2023 
Hey dear BO and dear CTCJD! Big Grin Big Grin

I am using EA App's Ultimate Collection. At first, I had installed all my CC, etc., etc. But seeing your private message on MTS, I decided to remove everything and uninstall / reinstall UC clean.
Now, I have my UC fresh and clean without anything. Smile

Here is my dxdiag file. Thank you to both of you! <3 And LeeFish wherever you are. A kiss, en passant (passing by). <3

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 94.86 KB / Downloads: 141)

#5 11-09-2023 
Hmmm, that's an impressive machine. I'd like to make the following remarks:
With 32 GB of physical RAM memory, I don't see why you should even HAVE a page file/virtual memory anymore. It's not like you're going to run out of memory anytime soon.
And with 11 GB of video RAM, giving the graphics card extra from the normal RAM pool seems a little ridiculous to me as well.

But that is just how *I* feel, okay? It's not judgement, and it's not that you are not supposed to do it. I'm just saying your system seems good enough *without* all that hocus-pocus.

However, that does NOT solve the issue of your game crashing, I'm afraid. And I'm very sorry to say, but I would not know where to start fixing that, either.
Personally, I'm still afraid of having to install Win10 on my system soon, because of all the stories of failing backward compatibilities. And this new beast of yours has Win11, which is even further from the Win XP that TS2 ran most comfortable on.

#6 11-09-2023 
Thank you nevertheless BoilingOil. Smile

Yeah, I do think too that it isn't at all a problem of my system being not good enough. I always thought that the problem since the mid-2010's was that the systems have been increasingly incompatible with regard to The Sims 2. Sad
Do you think that LazyDuchess' patch for Alder Lakes (mine being Raptor Lake, even more recent) can work for Sims 2? It works for Sims 3.

Oh, may I ask you another thing, please? Do you think that I can use the 4GB Patch to force Sims 3 to use 4GB at the same time using the patch mentioned above?

Thank you again BO!

And if someone has an idea for my too-recent too-powerful system for The Sims 2, let me know. Smile

I am awaiting for the release of Cities Skylines 2, hence my purchase of such a gaming PC.
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#7 11-09-2023 
EDIT: actually, The Sims 3 doesn't work either on my new PC. It seems that I will have to give up on The Sims 2 and 3. Sad Remains Sims 4... But, well, oh...

#8 12-09-2023 
Actually, it may not be the system (the PC itself) that is incompatible, but just Windows 11.

My game still works on my computer with Win7, so I have never needed things like LazyDuchess' p[atch or anything like that.
And as such, I could not tell you anything usefull about whether that would work for you or not. I'm sorry for not being very helpful there, but that's how it is.

And you may always ask another question, my dear @poisson, but no, I don't think the 4GB patch for Sims 2 will do any good for Sims 3.
What the 4GB patch changes in the Sims 2 executable, isn't in the same place in the Sims 3 executable. So that's not going to work, ever.

#9 12-09-2023 
I have W11 on both my lappy (HP Omen17) and on my BigRig (Asus ROG gaming PC - that actually sounds a lot like your machine, Poisson.)
I think I have the same GPU too. I'm on the lappy right now, and can't remember the other machine's specs...
I know I upgraded all the memory to 64GB - just cuz I could! Wink

Anyway... W11 works great with TS2. (Much better than W10 did!)

To set up TS2 - I installed a fresh copy of the UC (from EA)
Used the GRM to set the graphics up
Did the 4Gb patch - actually, I use 'George' which has it included.
Did the stand-by memory thingy
Set up my UserStartUp cheat file
...and I think that's about it? Everything works great!

I DO NOT use any of the 'new fangled' Lazy Duchess' stuff. I also do NOT use any new fangled UI.
I use GunMod's lighting mod (that installs with Scriptorium.)

Part of "installing" TS2 includes installing all the CEPs, Scriptorium, cameras, kissingpooints, and my own repricing mods.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my blogs TOU+ page you will find all the guides I usually recommend for help setting up the game. The one I like the best is: SunnySimblr's - although she does a lot more to change the 'look' of the game than I do.

Once you get ALL that up and working, then you can start adding CC.
And there, I recommend adding game-play changers first - and BO's mods are at the top of that list. Wink

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes! Heart

#10 12-09-2023 
(12-09-2023 01:43 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Once you get ALL that up and working, then you can start adding CC.
And there, I recommend adding game-play changers first - and BO's mods are at the top of that list. Wink
And for those BO mods, I'd advise at least the right No Sim Loaded version for your taste (as a matter of corruption-prevention), and Unlimited Sims to overcome the 8-sims-per-lot limit. There are about 80 of my mods, but those two are the must-haves.


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