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#1 09-11-2010 
Dal and I live in different time zones (she would say different planets, but I say "meh, youngins" ) and I often log on to Leefish in the morning and discover that as I slept, dal was busy doing STUFF here on Leefish.

Her latest trend in early morning surprises (it's never a cup of coffee and a croissant, sadly) is resources for modders in TS3. She is building quite a collection of ready to go useable meshes for clothes creators.

Head on over to Dals desk and grab some meshes - and if you use the meshes in a project we would love to see a link Smile
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#2 09-11-2010 
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"it's never a cup of coffee and a croissant, sadly"

I LOL'd at that ^
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#3 12-11-2010 
Well, I have spent the last day and a half building a new layout....and OMG I love it. I like it SO much I may see if the other modders wanna take it site wide. Or at least over the downloads areas..... Its GREAT, really.


Testing run on Bo and Cmo (sorry to make you two guinea pigs)

Need to fix the stickies.....
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#4 16-11-2010 
No comments on the rinky dink section?

Um, I appear to have smashed the wiki in the process..............yes well.

I would like to have a discussion on that so I will go make a post with pros and cons and stuff.
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#5 17-11-2010 
I must apologise... I still need to get used to finding new (and relevant) posts to respond to. I just noticed, though, that wikibot is stealing the credit for my work on those SimPE articles Wink

The layout looks great, though. Heart

#6 17-11-2010 
yea, the wikibot has always been a credit stealing git. Thats another disadvantage - on a wiki its a collaborative process bla bla - but we are really using it as an article system. But all posts are from the wikibot Sad

having said that, your articles are NOT picture intensive and so would fit nicely as a standard resource - copy and paste into a post in the resources area. Here is a little pic for simpe tricks and tips.


Right click on the image, choose open image attachment aid bla bla, save to desktop, upload as required pic.
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#7 17-11-2010 
I'll take care of that soon, then. Wikibot must DIE Wink


Sorry, that is a members only option