Working on Requests
#1 13-12-2010 
Well, I have a fair few outstanding requests for TS2, so I will make a quick list....

Mauritania full length windows
" I was thinking of a tall double window, the same height as the original door, that goes almost to the floor - similar to the ones you did for this set open me "tall windows". The double window could be the same height as the double front door(s) you've added. The single window the same height as the single original door."

Conspicuous Views on Two tile
I wanted to know if you are willing to make this window two tiles; the maxis Conspicuous Views "Stained Glass with Arch".

Yankee 4 Score Door as a double
Would you mind making a double door version of the Yankee 4 Score door?


Sorry, that is a members only option