#1 21-01-2011 
Well, I suppose that I should officially say hello after almost a year of lurking *shifty eyes*

Anyway, hello! I'm Twi. I like building houses and occasionally I share them with the public. I am going to school for architectural engineering and am planning on getting a minor in French. I'm going to try to be more active and will probably upload some stuff eventually.

#2 21-01-2011 
Well hallo there noob.....

Great to see you about - post what you want let me know if you would like to see changes features whatever. Am always open to suggestion re site improvements.

If you are thinking of uploading houses I had better go and ask Flaba how he gets round a 2mb php upload limit....
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#3 22-01-2011 
Welcome to leefish, Twi

So, how did you find us?
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#4 22-01-2011 
Twi is an old friend of me and cookie and Cmo. Back in the days when we all posted at MTS and nobody posted anywhere else. Which is a paraphrase from a book..... but which book...????
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#5 22-01-2011 
That's from a book?

#6 23-01-2011 
Well, it's a paraphrase - its from The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub - it's from the bit when Jack is in the Sunlight Home and its all getting a bit tough and he HAS to flip on his own. And he looks back to the time when he was small, when, as he puts it,

"We all lived in California and nobody lived anywhere else"

which is a phrase that I really liked. It sums up about innocence and the size of the world when you are a little kid.
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#7 23-01-2011 
Ah, I see now. I've only read one Stephen King book so far, The Stand, and I really enjoyed it. I've just got to get more time to read really long books like that. It took me all of last semester to read it, and I'm usually a really fast reader!

#8 24-01-2011 
hey Twi ... sorry for not sayin hi earlier ...

#9 25-01-2011 
Nice to (re)meet you, Twi XD

If you're studying architectural engineering, no wonder you're such a good builder!


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