Sims Dreams
#1 29-01-2011 
Yea, I was thinking about this the other day - all those things you ever wanted to do with your sims game - not playing, but using it for a creative purpose.

Things like:
  • Making Objects
  • Making BHAVS
  • Making a legacy story

I always wanted to make a comic using my sims - well, not a full series of comics, but just a one-off really.

So what were/are your sims dreams? Have you managed to make them into reality or is it like my comic - just a dream of "One day..."?

#2 29-01-2011 
I think that when it comes to the Sims, I'm already living my dream: I'm churning out mods like crazy, making the Sims BHAVe a little more reasonable under certain circumstances, and actually building a kind of fan base in the process. Had I explored this game 5 years sooner, then by now I might have been as well known as, say, Pescado.

This 'hacker/coder' kind of guy has always been a part of me, but never before in my entire life have I found a target that was as well suited to mod as TS2 is. I actually get this whole SimAntics thing; it makes sense to me!

#3 29-01-2011 
My dreams:
-To actually finish another legacy/challenge (1 legacy finished already =D)
-To finish building up Hillsville
-To become a great mesher (I know how, just need to practice)
-To know how to mod


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