Sit down to feed infant
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* levini gets ghetto up in here
Mmm boii (lol) we gon' be biiiig mofos up in hurr !!
Thank you drama class and about 10 years of living up in the 'hood. Good thing I didn't grow up a ghetto rat.

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Big Grin

[Image: sittingdown.jpg]

I know, I know, she's sitting down in thin air, but the important thing is that she's sitting down - the overlay isn't overridden. Rofl

Of course, there would have to be a lot more BHAVing going on way, way over my little head other than simply running an overlay animation, but Bo, if you'd like to team up, I'm certainly game. Smile

And we should totally get more street cred! *nods* We'll rule the 'hood! *folds arms and looks menacing*
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Well yay for that - thats amazing - go BoilingNivis......
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Where did you get that dress ?? It would look good with skinnies and boots and more !!! I want it!

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That looks terrific, NixNivis! Now the thing is: would she also sit down while breast-feeding? Because that's what all the ladies do in my game. Breast-feeding, that is, not sitting (yet)!

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@Lee, it isn't as impressive as it looks, I'm actually running the overlay from a posebox (you don't want to know how silly it looks when a Sim gets a bottle from the fridge while sitting down). But it is running, and that's all I wanted to know. Smile

@Lev, I think the dress is from the H&M stuff pack. It isn't cc, at least.

@Bo, is it a mod that does that? (The breastfeeding, I mean.) 'Cause I don't think I've ever seen that option for my Sims. And if it is, could you please point me in its general direction? Smile

Animation-wise, yes, it's possible for the Sim to sit down and breastfeed; the overlay would be laid over any anims that come after it. But BHAV-wise, if it's a mod... I'm not BHAV-savvy enough to think of how it would be possible, since the overlay anim would have to be called by the mod itself.

To my little mind, it would be the easiest to do this as an object mod and just add a "feed baby sitting down" string to the fridge pie meny. (I guess you could coin flip it so that the Sim is either stands or sits depending on what the game feels like, but that's over my head). Of course, that would only work for bottle feeding. I know you don't do object modding, but I have done a little - enough to know that I'd need serious help with the BHAVs. Tongue
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Yes, I think this may well be an object mod if the fridge is involved - but on BO's feedbaby mod I think it is autonomous breast feeding?

* leefish goes to read up the mod

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Oooh, it's BO's mod! *feels stupid for not figuring that out herself* Then it's a whole different kettle of fish entirely! Thanks, Lee! *runs to get mod and look at BHAVs*


I have now dug around in the BHAVs, and it certainly seems possible to simply insert the animation into one of the other BHAVs (either Run Animation or Feed Baby). It would need to be preceded by a "go find the closest place to sit down and stand in front of it with your back turned" command, though, since the Sim will sit down in thin air otherwise. Smile
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Yeah, it's MY mod! Isn't that surprising? Well, actually, the basics was done by EA, but they hadn't finished it. Squinge filled in the gaps, and published it as a plug-in... I just made it a little better with more plug-ins and features Wink It's one of my biggest hits, especially amongst medieval players (because of the nursemaid capabilities, which no other breastfeeding mod has).

So, if I have that sit-down overlay, and know how to add it, I could possibly create a new plug-in for my Feed Baby mod Wink

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I should have realised it was one of yours. Smile I love it!!

But argh, I've been looking at the Run Anims BHAV, and it's driving me nuts, because I can't for the life of me figure out where the animations are coming from! I mean, I get that they're in-game animations from Sims00, but they look like they're being called from within the package. Normally, you'd have the animation names in a text list with instance 81 (if it's anims for adults), but there isn't one. But the anims still seem to be called from a pre-defined list, and not straight out of Sims00 - but I cannot figure out where the heck it's defined, and thus I can't add my own little animation to it. Huh

What I can do to get around that, though, is set up a brand new animation BHAV together with a brand new text list with my animation - that works (I checked Wink ). So, I'm thinking one could make a BHAV that goes "find a place to sit and then run this animation overlay", and have one of the other BHAVs call it as soon as the mother has picked up the child but before the censor goes up and she starts nursing... but I don't know how to make a BHAV call another in-package BHAV like that, so I can't try it myself. My BHAVing skills are very narrow, I'm afraid. Sad

Of course, if someone who knows his BHAVs could explain to me (slowly and using small words) how to call another BHAV... Wink
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