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#2 20-05-2011
Your posting that link at MTS had exactly the right effect, Lee. Nice to see how Pixelhate opened a dialog with me because of it Wink
I couldn't have hoped for a better result!

#3 12-06-2011
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I tried making the changes you suggested and SimPe keeps giving me a message that the values are invalid.

#4 12-06-2011
This is one of the top 5 things I want to learn to do. Your instructions make is seem quite doable even for a beginner. Thanks, St. Beau!

#5 12-06-2011
raynuss7: Look at the top left of the plug-in view.
There are radio buttons for Decimal and Hexadecimal. If you have Decimal selected, then I'm not surprised that you're getting this error!

Also, if a value should be '0' (zero), don't just clear the field, but make sure you actually put the '0' there. That's also a mistake commonly made.

#6 13-06-2011
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I have Hexidecimal selected, not Decimal. The problem is with your instruction "find the line saying "0x0007: Interaction Table ID, and change the value to #FFFF"
The original value is 0x0001. When I change it to #FFFF, per your instructions, SimPe gives me the message "Property value is not valid".

#7 13-06-2011
Hmm raynuss, should it be 0xffff? Have you tried that?

#8 13-06-2011
Darn, that shouldn't have happened. Excperienced modders would have immediately understood what I meant, but even so... I should've written "0xFFFF" right away.

Corrected now.

#9 13-06-2011
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Lee, I tried 0xffff and of course SimPe accepted that, but I was reluctant to use that value, since the instructions explicity said #FFFF. BO, thanks for the change. For us "inexperienced modders", it might also be useful to mention that the decimal value of 0xffff is -1.

#10 13-06-2011
Yeah, I *could* have said that. But now you learned that all by yourself, and you'll probably never forget! If I had told you so, maybe you would have hardly noticed.

Anyway, be proud of yourself: you learned something new today! Smile

#11 19-08-2011
Thank you so much for this, BoilingOil. I have some wall overlays I was working on and it annoyed me that my sims would go up to each and every panel of what is essentially paint--and that was only in playtesting! In a normal game it would drive me crazy. Thanks again!

#12 19-08-2011
You're quite welcome, Honeywell. I'm now doing a similar project for SilentLucidity's Full Range Shiftable OMSP's because I hate my sims walking up to invisible objects, acting as if they're appraising art-works of great importance Smile

#13 18-01-2014
...always late to the party Rolleyes I just now saw this! Thank you! I have updated my cloned meshes, and my original uploads over at MTS2. Obviously, I build - not play, I didn't even know my silly sims thought these overlays were precious works of art! Oi!

#14 01-12-2019
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I only just found this, but it is very helpful!
It always bothered me that my sims go view the OMSPs I have in game.
These are invisible!

So thank you very much for this

#15 01-12-2019
You're welcome, Norica. I'm glad it's being put to good use Smile

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