Newspaper Seller Business
#1 08-05-2011 
Ok, I have a request for BO Smile

I don't know if you ever saw Mog and Cmo's Newspaper Rack?

Its a really cool item (indeed, twas kind of made for me Blush ) but Mog never got round to making it so it can be used in an OFB business. Of course, a newspaper stand would be perfect as a sim first business and I wondered if BO could make a "plug-in" for it so that we could also use it in an OFB sim-owned business lot??

Yours hopefully.

The Fish
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#2 08-05-2011 
Yes, I know the rack... I've even thought about downloading it, but I didn't.

This request sounds feasible, Lee. But I'm sure it could not work with a stand-alone mod in combination with the existing rack... the new code would need to be added to Mog & Cmo's rack in stead, making it a new object. However, I would need to do quite a bit of research into how existing racks deal with selling objects first, BEFORE I can even say if I can do it... I hope I can find time to look into it, but I can't even begin to give an ETA, because I have quite a few requests still on the table.

#3 08-05-2011 
Ok, that is fair enough - its more of a dream of one day maybe rather than an OMG I NEED IT NOW Smile. Of course (cough) if , in the future, you wanted a small rack mesh to be made for such an object mod then I know a keen young fish who would be able to make it.
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#4 09-05-2011 
I for one love this idea and gladly will wait for it lol. Makes me wonder if it would be similar to how books would be sold out of a bookshelf. Which also reminds me I should make a book store Big Grin.
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