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Today I was exploring NixNivis's NixedSims and found her holonovels. If you are a fan of Star Trek (or any of the Star Trek series) and a simmer then you need to get on over to her blog Smile


Great pictures, and excellent story writing.

I started with this one, aptly enough entitled "In the Beginning".

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*blushes* Aww Lee, you sweet fish, you! Thank you! Big Grin

I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun with my holonovels, it has become about so much more than simply writing a story. It's also about staging the sets and tweaking them to look just so (and adding little easter-eggish details as an extra bonus to the reader if he/she is paying attention - like the mugs), and if there are things I need but don't have, be it uniforms or PADDs or really small basketball hoops, I make them - or learn how to. It's creativity overload, and I love it!! Rofl
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Indeed, I was struck by the level of detail in the screen shots that accompany the story. It looks like enormous fun, and I will have a go myself once I know what to write about. I think you have a good feel for dialogue and in that kind of story its a major plus.

I was thinking of trying for more of a comic style (like astillac is doing over on Material Components) but as I have not picked up a pencil to draw in over twenty years I think I will be going with sim actors.
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Leefish, I would love to see what you come up with. (Shall I lend over some Simmies?? )
Nix , great story. Im not really into Star Trek (nor do I know what it is Tongue) but this Sim story looks good .

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I have bookmarked your blog, NixNivis. I will consume it later after work. Can't wait.Heart

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@Lee, it's good to hear that somebody actually notices that there's a thought to the clutter. Wink I don't know if you've read Catharsis (the last one, but that one has some of my favourite screenshots - the bathroom shelf and the nursery were especially fun to set up. OMSPs FTW! Smile

I'm also glad to hear that you think I have a good feel for dialogue, because to me the dialogue is the heart of the story. All my stories always get started with a little snippet of dialogue; then things develop from there, sometimes in directions I had no idea they were going. Smile

@Nonni, yay, I'm getting visitors! Mine isn't exactly a high-traffic site, so every new visitor I get makes me ecstatic. Heart I hope you enjoy your stay!


@levini, I wasn't ignoring you, I promise, but I didn't see your post before. (How did it sneak in before Nonni's like that? Tongue ) I'm glad you like my story! To me, it's more about the characterisation than the Star Trek technobabble, so you don't have to be a die-hard trekker to be able to follow my stories (or at least I hope so). As long as you know that it's in the future and people are riding around in spaceships, you should be good to go. Wink
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