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#1 12-06-2011 
You must go visit NixNivis' site. It is futile to resist.
NixedSims, find it here.

I paid a visit and was so AWED. Meant to mention it much sooner but I get distracted so easily.
Even if you not a Trekkie, it is still fascinating place to explore.

#2 12-06-2011 
Most impressive, Nix should be very proud! Thanks for posting it Nonni! Big Grin
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#3 12-06-2011 
* Nix blushes to the roots of her hair

Aww, Nonni, you sweetie! Heart What can I say, I'm thrilled that you like my little corner of the web - and you, too, Xander!

Eventually, the blog is going to have all my uploads, both from MTS and from SimTrek as well as the occasional blog exclusive, but all of it isn't there yet - I tend to update things before they go up, because I always think of something I want to make a little differently, or add, or polish. And sometimes I'll get sidetracked by things like learning how to animate. Wink
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#4 13-06-2011 
Nonni;5576 Wrote:Even if you not a Trekkie, it is still fascinating place to explore.

The stories are EXCELLENT - pictures AND text
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#5 13-06-2011 
Oh, lookie!!! We have a Star Trek insignia in our post icons!! CoolBig Grin

#6 13-06-2011 
Yes, NixNivis your site is very entertaining to go to, lots of neat things you have there! I love reading stories that people have created using sims, it is very inspiring and intriguing! I have never watched Star Trek before, but I still find your site very fun and interesting nonetheless!

Oh, I also forgot to tell you NixNivis, congrats on getting 329 on Yahzee! I only held second place for such a short time Sad lol, just kidding, now if only one of us could beat Lee's score! (I know it probably won't be me, I was lucky enough to have got the score I did get!)
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#7 13-06-2011 
Darn you people, now you're making me blush again. Heart It's great to hear that people who aren't into Star Trek enjoys my site as well!

PumpkinSpice, thanks, but it was sheer luck. With Yahtzee, I either get several Yahtzees in the same game, but all other results are really low, or all the other results are nice and high, but I don't get a Yahtzee. But this time, I actually got good scores and a Yahtzee! Lee's score seems unreachable, though... how did she do that?!
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