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This is my first attempt at customizing a in-game object that is not available in either buy mode or build mode so I hope that it works for everyone. I couldn't imagine it not working because it's a base game object and all I did was remove everything that wasn't the texture files and the file that controlled the colour of the milk. I didn't know how to change the milk colour so I just made it transparent so really all you see is the bottle colour and the milk bottle topper.

Goodbye green alien milk, you made no sense and now you are replaced, hopefully for good.

Also because this isn't TSR it's free! Big Grin

If you have issues please don't hesitate to tell me about them. I'm new at this but hopefully I'll be able to help. Smile

edited: because it's "I'm new not knew" Smile
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All my stuff if free to use and to enjoy just never,ever,EVER upload it to a paysite. Why make poor unsuspecting people pay for stuff like this? You are also free to change, edit or otherwise modify stuff I upload as long as you credit me we are 5x5. :D

Also if you got it from Leefish please link back to that site so more people can discover the awesome. That is all. :D

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#9 13-06-2011
I did it again, forgot to login. *sigh lol

#10 13-06-2011
You're welcome! And I was incorrect: you had already done the Phone replacement as well Tongue

#11 13-06-2011
Would you look at that, a white baby bottle! Great job, Xander! No more radioactive milk for my little Simlets. Smile

#12 13-06-2011
BO - The phone technically can be bought and it wasn't all my work, I just altered the texture image from the iPhone I got from Missing Sims.

@Nix - I'd understand a green baby bottle but not green milk, oh Maxis you so crazy lol.


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