No exercising while pregnant
#1 18-06-2011 
Hey BO,
I have a question, Is there any way you can make a mod to not allow pregnant sims to do any form of excersise?? I noted (heard) that pregnant sims can do excersise in front of a TV (which is completely senseless and would harm the little sea monkeys IRL )

#2 19-06-2011 
When I find the time, I'll have a look at it, my friend. It won't be an easy fix I'm afraid, though, because I'll have to rewrite routines for every instrument that can be excercised on/with. This includes TV, stereo, and every excercise machine.

#3 19-06-2011 
Hmm, BO - I think lev has slightly underreported. The information was that they CAN'T exercise with the stereo (and possibly the exercise machines) but they CAN with the TV.
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#4 19-06-2011 
Ah, well, when I get to it, I'll investigate that too, then! Smile Thanks for informing me, Lee Heart

#5 19-06-2011 
Yes thats what I meant ..

#6 25-06-2011 
Um...nurse here (retired, now, but still...)

Exercise is GOOD during pregnancy, and is highly recommended. Certain activities are contraindicated, but most are not. Some of the safest and most productive activities irl that are also included in game are swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, step or elliptical machines (treadmill), and yoga. These activities carry little risk of injury and can be continued until birth. Jogging can be done in moderation, especially if the mom-to-be was a jogger before conception. Shooting hoops, as done in game, is perfectly fine, as is dancing and gardening.

The only fitness activities that might be inadvisable are those that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, bouncing, or sprinting. Deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises, and straight-leg toe touches are hard on the back and/or the stretched (and weakened) abdominal muscles and should be avoided, as should any activity where the chance of falling is high (in-game, snowboarding, skating, and such).

Really, preventing a sim-mom from doing harmful exercise only means limiting a few activities, and it's possible EA has already done most of it already.

#7 25-06-2011 
Wow .. Ya' meet new people here every day lol ^^ Thanks for the input croidiure .. I actually never knew that was a good thing During that time ..

#8 25-06-2011 
If I see sims work out in front of the stereo, I can see why that should be banned during pregnancy... But as some people assure me, that's not available to preggo sims anyway.
I've also watched what they do in front of the TV, and I can only say "I'm with Nurse Croi here... Seems perfectly ok!"


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