Poll: What is your fave Sims 2 EP
Open For Business
Bon Voyage
Free Time
Apartment Life
Base Game all the way!
What Is Your Fave Sims 2 EP?
#1 21-06-2011 
Seems like an easy enough question, I would have said both Sims 2 and 3 EP but I don't play Sims 3 so that will have to be a discussion that someone else starts.

My fave EP is by far Open For Business because I love watching Sims run businesses and especially the types of ideas I can come up with no matter how silly or out there they may be. Did someone say Pizza Parlor that also sells furniture? Yup, you can do it. What I love the most is that OFB was only one disc for installation and it just seemed to add so much. Love the craftables, love the furniture. Love it all.

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#2 21-06-2011 
Apartment Life with a bullet Smile

I think it was the first game I ever went and got on release day - I even pre-ordered it, yea, sims fever was strong back then.

Why AL? I was born in a terraced house (row house), I grew up in a terraced house and I live in an apartment now. In my university years I lived in a room in a decaying mansion - I can't relate to my sims living in detached homes in suburbia with no ceilings, for me AL meant I could build houses like I saw everyday/had lived in all my life. And yup, all those fancy windows and doors from the socialite set were realistic to me - I live in the North Side of Arnhem, one of the prettiest parts of the greenest city in the Netherlands. I see those big fancy houses every day when I walk to Albert Heijn to do the shopping Big Grin
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#3 22-06-2011 
AL for me, too. I'm a city girl and I've lived in apartments all my life, noisy neighbours and all, so I love that my Sims can live like I always have. Pets is a close second, though, because then we could finally have pets in the game again; Unleashed was my favourite TS1 EP, and I had missed it sorely.
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#4 22-06-2011 
Well I lived in a trailer all my life so I guess I could have said Apartment Life because they packed in apartments disguised as trailer courts lol. I love the fact that AL gave us ceilings something that seems like it could have been base game for sure.
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#5 22-06-2011 
That trailer court in the AL EP is pretty neat. I made one myself, but it was more like holiday homes. All grass and swings and sims playing chess on the veranda Smile I had never seen a real trailer park so I made it up.
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#6 22-06-2011 
I think my favorite has to be Seasons, with maybe OFB as a close second. I just love how gardening makes sims self-sufficient. Even the poorest sucker just needs to buy a few plots and plant some tomatoes and after a few days there'll be food in the fridge. And in the mean time, they can do some fishing at a comm lot.

#7 22-06-2011 
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I loved OFB sooooo much!
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