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This mod was formerly named "BO - P4A - Alien Trigger Override". It was recently renamed to emphasize the link with the Alien Experiments mod.
The basis for this idea was put in my head by ZephyrZodiac at Simbology (see this thread).

What does this mod do?

This mod modifies the PregForAllGenders in such a way that Alien Abduction is required for Same Sex Pregnancy.
It has four different modes, which can be set by changing some settings in a BCON.
  • Standard mode. When a sim has been abducted by aliens, that sim becomes bi-gendered: in a mixed gender relationship, it will still play its normal role (males impregnate, females give birth). But in a same sex relationship, the bi-gendered sim may act as the opposite sex. The bi-gendered female will impregnate her SO, and the bi-gendered male can give birth. If both partners in a same-sex relationship are bi-gendered, the initiating sim will take on the role of the opposite sex.
  • Toggled mode. Same as standard mode, with the following exception: if a bi-gendered sim is abducted again, they return to normal again!
  • Invasive mode. When a sim gets abdcuted, they SWITCH gender. So a female gains the ability to impregnate people, but loses the ability to give birth. A male gains the ability to give birth, but loses the power to impregnate others. In invasive mode, if both partners in a mixed gender relationship have been altered, the female will impregnate her husband, and HE will give birth to their child!
  • Invasive Toggled mode. A switched sim, when abducted again, returns to normal.

What's needed for this mod to work?
  • This mod requires that NightLife or a better EP/SP is installed. Don't even think about using this mod with Basegame or University alone, because it will NOT work!
  • PregForAllGenders (TJ's versions only) or Inteenimater WITH the Same Sex Pregnancy Flavor-pack. The mod will not check for the presence of the flavor-pack, nor for PregForAll, but if you don't have either, it will NOT work properly.
  • This mod NEEDS to load AFTER PregForAllGenders, or AFTER Inteen and its flavor-packs.

Q: I have Inteen installed, so I can't use PregForAllGenders. Can I still use this mod?
A: Yes, you can, as long as you have the Same Sex Pregnancy flavor-pack installed!

Q: I have ACR 1 installed. Will this mod work in my game?
A: Sorry, no. At least not yet. I'm working on that!

Q: I have ACR 2 installed. Can I use this mod?
A: Yes, you can, BUT... you need to also download the ACR 2 patch, and replace two of ACR's files with mine. Disable or remove the files named "ACR - Controller - Bed Socials" and "ACR - Controller - Sofa Socials" and put my versions of those files in your ACR folder.

Q: I have LotFullOfSims, and TwoJeffs' PregForAllGenders isn't compatible with that. Can I use this mod with AncientHighway's PregForAllGenders?
A: NO, you can NOT! You'll HAVE to use TwoJeffs' version of PregForAllGenders. That means you'll have to get rid of LotFullOfSims. But fortunately, I have a solution for that, too: install BO - Unlimited Sims instead. It does the same as LFoS, but it doesn't conflict with anything!

Q: How do I change modes?
A: Open the package in SimPE, and alter the "Toggled" and/or "Invasive" settings in BCON 0x0000017f (SG - Tuning - Fertility Modifier). Commit the changes and save the file.

Update, July 10th, 2011: New version 1.25 now available.

New in version v1.25 - Two special tokens have been added:
  • A 'Permanent' Gender Change Token, which can be obtained in two ways: your sim can recieve it from Aliens when they're abducted, or they can buy it from the Reward Catalog at the price of 500,000 reward points. If they already have the token, your sims can also have it removed for another 500,000.
  • A 'Temporary' Gender Change Token, which can ONLY be bought at the Reward Catalog for 50,000. Once bought, this token can NOT be removed at will; it stays in the sim's inventory until pregnancy occurs for them or their partner, and is then automatically deleted.

Each sim can have two tokens at the most: one permanent and one temporary. These tokens serve exactly the same function as abductions, but are separately processed. First all abduction memories are handled, and the sim's gender appropriately adjusted. Then the Permanent Token is processed in the same way, and finally the Temporary Token.

NOTE: For Tokens to be given by Aliens, you need to have the latest version (v1.6) of Alien Experiments installed in your game.
For Tokens to be available from the Reward Catalog, you need to have the latest version (v1.40) of the Reward Catalog installed.

NOTE for ACR2 users: When upgrading to v1.25, re-download of the ACR 2 patch is REQUIRED for everything to work correctly. Sorry about that.

NOTE for InTeen users: If for any reason the InTeen documentation tells you to change a setting in the BCON named "SG - Tuning - Fertility Modifier", do NOT look for that BCON in InTeen's files, but in this mod in stead! Since this mod must load AFTER InTeen, the InTeen version of this BCON will not be used by the game.

UPDATE July 12, 2011: New version 1.26 to fix a Bug. I forgot to signal to Inteen that Same Sex Pregnancy is enabled. Users of v1.25 do NOT need to re-download; they can set that flag themselves in the BCON: change the line "SSP Enabled?" to 1, and the problem is fixed.

UPDATE July 14, 2011: New version 1.27 available.
New in version 1.27: Pregnancy Chance reduction. A new option was added to the BCON, named "Pregnancy% Divider". By default, this is set to 1, causing the pregnancy chances to be normal. Setting this value to 2 reduces the chance to one half, setting it to 3 reduces it to one third, etc. Setting it to 100 or more causes sims to ALMOST NEVER get pregnant.

UPDATE November 27, 2011: New version 1.28 available.
This version doesn't add any new functionality, but is merely a restructured v1.27.
This restructure was required for new functionality added to the Gender-Change part of BO - Reward Catalog v1.42. If you're not upgrading the Reward Catalog, you don't need to re-download this mod either.

UPDATE April 28th, 2012: New version 1.30 available. This version fixes a bug where a Teen 'male' was unable to TFB with an adult 'female'. Thanks go to Tessalion13 for reporting this issue!

UPDATE May 21st, 2012: New version 1.31 available.
So far, the engine of this mod was counting abduction memories a sim had, to determine their effect on its internal gender. So what would happen if the sim's memories were erased, either by an Evil Witch, or by the Aliens themselves? EXACTLY: The sim would be reset to their original gender! But a change in someone's memories should NOT change their physical condition! Fortunately, I've found a way to prevent this: there's actually a token on each sim, that registers the number of abductions. And memory loss does NOT include tokens, so that counter is safe! The newest version of this mod now simply reads that counter, instead of wasting oodles of time filtering and counting memories and probably getting it wrong if the sim's memory was erased.

Once again, enjoy!

Final NOTE: If you ever decide to uninstall this mod (though I can't for the life of me think of a good reason for wanting to do so), remember to also remove the patched ACR files and put the originals back in. If you don't, your game will not run properly!
Make sure, however, that my mod loads AFTER whatever version of Preg-for-All you have installed. HCDU *will* report a conflict, but that is by design, and therefor nothing to be worried about.

Credits: I want to thank TwoJeffs and AncientHighway for their respective versions of Preg-for-All, which made this possible.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#2 24-06-2011
All I can say is this is an interesting idea.

#3 24-06-2011
Just snagged it & must say this fits "scary well" with my personal back-story about the whole Alien Abduction thing!

(Was thinking of asking about a possible variation of this now that it actually exists, but think I will hold off as the variation I would be wanting is...well, something that would really only appeal to me, and that seems like a silly thing to *request*...)

#4 25-06-2011
Ooh, interesting mod! *snags* And it makes sense, in a scary kind of way, that being abducted by aliens who can make males pregnant would do strange things to the reproductive system. Smile


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