Skilling object teach/be taught BHAV botchery - halp!
#1 27-06-2011 
(While this is an object mod, it's an object mod with a BHAV problem, so Object Cloning didn't seem like the proper category. Feel free to move it, though!)

I'm working on my very first skilling object - Trek themed, of course. Smile It's a statue (or at least it will be once I've finished the mesh; right now, it looks a lot like "The Measure of a Sim") from which the Sims can gain logic by contemplating the teachings of Surak - i.e., gesturing at the statue. In addition to gaining logic from the statue, I want adult Sims with a high logic skill to be able to teach children and also other adults with lower logic skill.

Now, the gain-skill-from-statue part I've got just the way I want it, so that isn't the problem (I think). It's the teaching part that I cannot seem to get right.

I've got as far as the adult high-logic Sim having the option to teach child/low-logic Sim, and the child/low-logic Sim having the option to ask adult high-logic Sim for lessons. (Children can't teach anybody, no matter how high their logic is.) They'll do their little ask/agree thing, position themselves by the statue... and then the interaction drops out of the queue and nothing else happens. It doesn't even have the decency to throw an error. Huh

Now, I suspect I've messed up the guardians, but it's just as likely that it's the teach/ask to be taught BHAVs per se. I snagged those BHAVs from the Execuputter, BTW (but changed the skill from charisma to logic), but I obviously missed something somewhere. Sim-to-Sim interactions aren't my forte, I'm afraid.

The errant object can be found here if somebody wants to dissect it. And I just realised I haven't changed its category (and I can't fire up SimPE right now), so in the catalogue you'll still find it under Decorative -> Statue. It's going to be Hobbies/Knowledge when it grows up, though. Wink

#2 28-06-2011 
Hi Nix,

At least you snarfed the BHAVs from an object that has the teach/be taught functionality... Maybe you would have done smarter to just clone the Execuputter, and then later replace the mesh... But that's no longer important. You've gone for help, and found it. I'll take Surak apart, and inspect its green innards Smile Maybe I can help...

Edit to add: Have you considered taking a cue from the "Encourage..." interaction? I think that's a worthwhile path to explore.

#3 28-06-2011 
Yay, the King of BHAVs is on the case! Big Grin

Oh yes, if I had tried to make my own teaching BHAVs I wouldn't have known where to start. Not that snagging them worked all that well, but anyway. Wink

And yeah, it would have been simpler just to clone another skilling object that has the functions want - but then I wouldn't have learned how to make it myself, which was a big part of why I made this thing. Smile (That, and the fact that there isn't enough Vulcan objects around for my taste. I like Vulcans!) I like learning new things that are way over my head.
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#4 28-06-2011 
Well, you might just be in over *my* head as well, here. Confused Because unlike what you think, I'm hardly "the King of BHAVs". Perhaps the local wannabe despot here on Leefish, but that's all Blush

#5 28-06-2011 
Yea, well, when I am not being a horribly lazy fish and cloning stuff that kind of fits my needs what I do is make my object - then compare it to an existing object.

if you think its the guardians try setting those to no op - 0x010F I think - but BO will know for sure.

That way, if the actions run you know its in the guardian.
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#6 28-06-2011 
Setting the Guardian to "No-Op" is a bit silly: if you want to disable the Guardian, just set the Guardian line in the TTAB to 0 (zero), meaning "no Guardian".

#7 28-06-2011 
also works Smile
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#8 28-06-2011 
Drat, I thought I was onto something. Sad When I compared my statue to another skilling object (the biotech station and the hydroponics garden), I noticed that I hadn't specified which interaction the teach/ask to be taught BHAVs were supposed to teach and be taught. (In my defence, the Execuputter does NOT have that line.) But adding it didn't help, once the Sims have agreed on the teaching, it still drops out of the queue with no error thrown. I want a nice, descriptive error, darnit! Dodgy

I'm going to give it another try tomorrow, but right now I'm too tired to think straight. Tongue
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#9 28-06-2011 
In the meantime, I'll see if there something more than *zilch* I can come up with. Because so far, I've not been very much help on this issue... Sad

#10 29-06-2011 
Aww, BO, don't feel bad. Smile Who knows what I've messed up besides the BHAVs - if I actually have messed them up. It just hit me that it might not be the BHAVs per se, but what they've got to work with, so to speak. I've realised I might be missing text lists as well; that's a part I haven't even thought to check. I'll be doing that as soon as SimPE loads. Stay tuned, as they say.

There is something completely BHAV-unrelated you can help me with if you feel like it, though. If you could provide a Dutch translation of the TTAs and of the last string in the STR# Text List resource, I would be a very happy Ocampa. Right now, my statue only has menus in English and Swedish, and that is quite illogical when I'm surrounded by Dutch speakers. Wink
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