Skilling object teach/be taught BHAV botchery - halp!
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That's right, it was a little red ball before! Now I remember. Smile
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Snaffled from MTS for completeness:

Echo Wrote:Of course, you would choose to port the teaching behaviour across to a non-teaching object, rather than port the mesh into a teaching object!

The main problem is that you're missing at least one interaction. The objects which are enabled for teaching all have the following interactions (or something similar):
Ask to teach
Ask to be taught
Be teacher
Be taught

The last two are normally hidden from the pie menu, but they are still there. In the "Ask to be taught" BHAV, line 0x2, the object sets up a new teaching social-object, passing through the ID of the interaction to call on the current object (That's in parameter 2 of "Teach - Init"). In this case, you've sent through the value "2". If you look in your TTAB, you'll find that the interaction with the number "2" is the "Contemplate..." option. That's why your sims agree to teach, then go straight to contemplating.

What you need to do is import some teach/be taught BHAVs, and hook those into the pie menu (with a Guardian BHAV set to "Hide" so that it doesn't actually *appear* when a player clicks on it). Then, change the "Teach - Init" in both teacher and student "ask" BHAVs to point to that one.

Of course, if your goal is JUST to make an object with certain interactions etc then Echo is right - best to clone a thing that is close. However, I get the feeling that your goal here was two-fold:
1) Make a nice object
2) UNDERSTAND how the BHAV's work - and cloning an existing thing and tweaking does not always do that.

I think this one is best answer Smile
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Yup, that sounds all about right. Just like Echo, to write such a complete & precise quide! With information like that, I think even *I* could make a teaching object Smile

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Echo's reply did do the trick. I didn't fix it exactly the way she suggested, though (my reply outlining what I did is here). But I never would have known what to do if it hadn't been for her! She's quite awesome when it comes to teaching us noobs how to do neat things. Smile

You're absolutely right, Lee. I wasn't just out to make a teaching object (then I would simply have cloned the teleprompter or what not and be on my merry), but I wanted to understand the underlying mechanisms, so to speak (and why what I'd done so far wasn't working). I'm like that with a lot of things; I literally want to understand what makes them tick - in this case, the BHAVs. People don't always understand this, though, but think I should take the easy way out and be happy. Rolleyes (Only I wouldn't be happy if I just took the easy way out, because then I wouldn't have learned anything!)

It's like the first time I added a subset to a mesh. Yes, I could simply have cloned an object that already had two subsets, but I didn't just want my object to have two subsets, I wanted to learn how to make the object have more subsets. Which I wouldn't have done if I'd just cloned the Museé Public vase and moved on, like everybody suggested. (Them: "If you want your object to have two subsets, then just clone an object with two subsets." Me: "Yeah, but I want to learn how to add a subset myself." Them: "Why? Just clone an object with two subsets." Me: "Yeah, but I want to learn how to add a subset." Them: "Why? Just clone an object with two subsets." Me: "*headdesks*")

Back on topic! My statue now works like I wanted it to, so this is indeed solved! Celebrate
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Quote:My statue now works like I wanted it to, so this is indeed solved! Celebrate
Oh, goodie, goodie. Am eager to acquire this excellent item. Heart

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Me too! Celebrate


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