No Complaining Mod
#1 29-06-2011 
Hey, everyone I got a good request. The request is a no complaining mod that stops shoppers from complaining about everything and anything on your business lot. If possible I would like to request the mod would remove the complaining altogether. I have added a preview so you can get an idea of what I'm taking about.
[Image: 2ivengl.jpg]
That is what I liked to be removed so my sims can run a business.

#2 29-06-2011 
I'm sure there is at least one mod out there, possibly two, and maybe even three or more that handle complaints from customers.

1. One was done by Paladin of SimWardrobe... There's a link here on site that leads you to Pleun's site, where most of Paladin's mods have been backed up.
2. Cyjon (Google that name and you'll find his site) has done an anti-complaints mod.
3. I wouldn't be surprised if either Squinge (at or Pescado (at had also done something to stop complaining customers.

If you haven't found any of those, that must mean you haven't really been looking for them. Anyway, I don't think I need to remake what so many others have done already Smile


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