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#1 01-07-2011 
Yes indeed, I am working hard on getting to run smooth and look nice Smile

Recent changes so far:

A great new header banner by Xander - I feel all posh when I log on now.

The GROOVY pop-up reply thing is live on site. I love it, but if you hate it (phone users) you can turn it off by going to your user control panel, edit options and turn off the quick reply option.

BO's Grease Pit has had a makeover and is now even greasier than before Tongue. Check out BO's Bench and be suitably impressed.

I have run the HTML through the validator. A surprisingly good result, with two big FAILS, one is fixed, the other is in process.

Here are some results:
  • Portal Page = 100% pass
  • Index Page = 3 errors. I will contact the mybb team as its the redirects. No errors
  • Downloads Pages = 100% pass
  • Search list = 1 error - the ampersand in "Fish Craft - sims2 & 3 Downloads" does not validate. Very unfair.
  • Todays posts = 100% pass
  • Sims Finds = 100% pass (did have 81 errors, but I made that a LONG time ago )
  • Profiles = 1 fail - the image wrap code for the uploads has a dodgy bit in it...

CSS next.... ulp.
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#2 01-07-2011 
Wow! Don't you eat and sleep like normal fish? Wink

I love The Grease Pit's new look, and you already know I love the pop-up reply box. I hope you also know that you are one awesome fish! Celebrate
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#3 01-07-2011 
Lurvely Lee , I love the new changes lol. All ya need to do now is fix the tank cleaner ..
* levini throws another rock into the tank cleaner thingy

#4 01-07-2011 
Lee, are you looking to escape or something? Wink
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#5 01-07-2011 
Escape? Did I leave fin prints on the edge of the bowl AGAIN?

* leefish chucks a rock AT lev.
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#6 01-07-2011 
YELP!! That hurt Lee !
* levini throws Nix at Lee

#7 01-07-2011 
NOT Nix. She is a trekkie. Have you any idea the kind of rocks she has access to? We are talking asteroids here. Best to SHUSH now.
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#8 01-07-2011 
And here I thought levini was making a "Finding Nemo" reference when he threw stones into the tank cleaner... Rolleyes

* Nix throws asteroid at levini
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#9 01-07-2011 
Hey Lee so so very proud of you! Big Grin

As for the '&' giving you invalidation errors just replace it with '&' minus the quotes of course lol.
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#10 01-07-2011 
I know that trick Xander, we use it all over Leefish, but in this case it doesnt work. If I do that then I have a forum called "Fish Craft Sims2 & Sims3 Downloads" ..... it displays what is IN the forum name box in the index.

Yea, it validates, YEA, it looks ridiculous. I don't like "and" though I see its a solution.

Possible new names?
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower


Sorry, that is a members only option