Mini Cooper S
#1 06-03-2010 
Well, I always wanted a Mini CooperS for my sim (its my own car in RL) and looked and looked for a mesh for it. NONE (or nearly none) of the Sims3 car makers use their own meshes, so I feel no guilt here.

I finally found one - and converted to TS3. I will be asking for permission from the mesh maker, I think he will say yes. Anyway, his name is Jonathan Mace, and watch this space Big Grin I need to do a lot of work on it yet, but the roof and wingmirrors will be one colour set, the bodywork another. So you can have a fancy roof and wing mirrors.

Here is a pic:

[Image: mini1.jpg]

Long way to go, but it is SOOOOO cute.

#2 10-03-2010 
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Adorable - Thank you!

#3 10-03-2010 
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Love it! I really want a Mini Cooper in RL (black would be my colour of choice) so if I can have one for my Sims, I'll be partially satisifed. Wink

- Marisa

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That's such a cutie ...

#5 11-03-2010 
I am having so much fun with this car - I leave my sim to watch TV or just veg out on its sofa...... I can't stop mixing and matching!

So far I have 4 variants on that car - I am trying hard to make it as flexible as possible -

All variants except version one come with three recolourable channels - the bodywork, the roof and the wing mirrors. Version one has a hard coded union jack roof in the overlay Big Grin

I spent the last 4 days banging my head in frustration - I needed to get the lights working, and the wheels to stay on the car.... I should have taken a pic of the version with the sim driving along on 3 wheels with no car visible and an enormous TYRE stuck on the sims head.

Gonna go out on a limb here - I will release it on Saturday Night/Sunday morning this coming weekend.

Its NOT perfect - this is my first car remember, but I hope it will be good enough for your games. My PC is rubbish, so I have to hope it does look good for you all - it looks ok in my game.

Known issues:
The door does not animate
The sim sits too low really - but moving slots in TS3 is very early days right now
I cloned it from the Sports car - it goes so fast that you hardly get to see your sim in it....sometimes when it corners the lights take a second or two to catch up
There is a stupid little mark on the wing mirrors - I hate it and will try to fix it.
The specular on the roof is blinding in morning sun - I will tone it down for upload.


[Image: night-cooper.jpg]

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#6 13-03-2010 
Yay! I got a response from the mesh maker - he has no problems with me using the mesh and would like me to make some more....Blush I am doing the upload pics now, then I will put this on MTS. I think it may be quite popular and my host may suspend me if I try and offer a 4mb file for upload here. I COULD put it on MediaFire, but I like to know who has got my stuff.

This is the upload pic for MTS - click the thumbnail below.

I had some testing done - it appears to work FINE in base to 1.7.9 and WA and HELS. So that is good news.

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#7 22-03-2010 
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This is a really awesome car. I wish I owned one in RL. But I will settle for my sims owning one instead. Big Grin


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