What are YOU working on?
#1 03-07-2011 
I see that CMO and Dal and armiel have a special section of their own for projects - but what about the rest of the fish in the sea? What are you working on right now?

I'll start:

I am doing a couple of NON sims projects
  • setting up a video's section for leefish
  • making leefish mobile actually work Smile

How about you?

#2 03-07-2011 
I'm the type of person that's totally consumed by one hobby, at the exclusion of everything else, so my current project is - obviously - sims-related.

What I *am* working on, you ask? I'm currently adapting the "P4A - Alien Trigger Override"

At present, it only properly works with PregForAllGenders, but that's not good enough.
It needs to work with InTeen as well, and ACR 2 needs to respect some of the new rules my mod lays down on sexuality.

On top of that, I'm making it user-configurable (through a BCON) to have four different modes of operation, AND I'm working on some creative links between this mod and two of my previous creations: Alien Experiments and the Reward Catalog!

When this is done, it's going to be *WILD*!!!

#3 03-07-2011 
I'm working on a bunch of things. Smile Let's see...
  • The mesh for my skilling Surak statue
  • Two sets of Star Trek uniforms (2390s and TOS movies)
  • Step-turn-sit body animations for the "sit down to feed baby" project
  • And a top-secret fish item Wink
I'm also working on a Vulcan posebox, but I'm a bit fed up with it at the moment (there's this one pose that I just can't get right, where I've managed to corrupt the Milkshape files about a hundred times and have had to start all over. Argh!!) so it's on hold for a while.

BO, wow! That sounds wild indeed!! Big Grin
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#4 03-07-2011 
Awesome both of you!

I just finished making new computer screen textures now that I know how to change them, so all I need to do is try them in game. Of course if they work then I need to make the FreeTime blog/browse screens.

Other than that I have been making lots of global recolours for the Sims 2. Some work and some do not lol.
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#5 04-07-2011 
Now I’m mobile again, between appointments (non sim related).

I’m working on perfecting something I stumbled upon, I’ve never seen done before. Besides that I am embarrassed to say I am still learning to colour between the lines, with my crayons.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#6 04-07-2011 
Nifty thread here ..
I am working on (sim wise)
- a living room and dining room set to match Adele's worn beach set. So far (before the comp went kaput) i have the couch and dining chair done and a wall lamp
- remaking a bed to use maxis bedding .. Thats done .. Just need a simple pic and this comp to work soon abdbi can upload it

IRL items I am working on:
- reading a book for a dumb summer reading thing :/
- completing a roleplay story i just dug up in a notebook i have (this was written before I moved to florida by me and all my friends)
- and sleeping

#7 04-07-2011 
whoa - this turned out more popular than I thought. OK. Why dont I set up a "working on area" - and I will see if I can give regular users powerz to close own threads Smile

EDIT: No, its NOT trout with delusions of grandeur - its LEEFISH with delusions of grandeur disguised as trout.....
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Maybe it's even Leefish disguised as Trout, forgetting who she is, and thinking her Leefish powers are with her always! Tongue

#9 04-07-2011 
* leefish chucks a fish at BO Tongue .

Very astute. I was checking new videos forum as a regular user and indeed forgot who I was
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#10 04-07-2011 
Lol Smile
* levini petpets trout
Its ok royal sock .. We all have illusions and delusions Tongue


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