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Exclamation Updated Version please re-download and delete previous version. It is now renamed "Replacement Screens FT" so it won't auto overwrite!

Exclamation You can now choose to download a "lite version" of these replacement screens. All images sizes were cut in half and are based off of optimized jpegs instead of pngs. Really it's just a smaller file size for your game to deal with. In-game images are only slightly more blurry than the non-light version.

It has completely took over my free time and I even required some outside help to get on the right track but I have finally completed something that has been bugging me since I could remember; Replacement PC Screens for the Sims 2. Now with brighter screens and new boot screens! Thanks Nix

Special thanks to: NixNivis for discovering why exactly the FreeTime screens were brighter than the base game. It doesn't make sense how the solution works all I know is that I just finished testing it and it does in fact work!

Special thanks to: The Ninth Wave for showing me how to even start this project Tongue

Special thanks to: DJS Sims for the compressorizer which has saved 20 MB of space from this package!

If it is too big and it might be I guess I'll have to make a more lighter yet hopefully not too pixelated version of the screens. I'll update this post again should that time come. Tongue
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All my stuff if free to use and to enjoy just never,ever,EVER upload it to a paysite. Why make poor unsuspecting people pay for stuff like this? You are also free to change, edit or otherwise modify stuff I upload as long as you credit me we are 5x5. :D

Also if you got it from Leefish please link back to that site so more people can discover the awesome. That is all. :D

Replacement PC Screens Screenshot Replacement PC Screens Screenshot Replacement PC Screens Screenshot Replacement PC Screens Screenshot Replacement PC Screens Screenshot Replacement PC Screens Screenshot    
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#2 04-07-2011
OMG - leefish has made it INTO THE SIMS GAME.

And BO is still front and center darn him Tongue

#3 04-07-2011
Leaving now to install this and play with it. Can't wait to check it out. [Image: happy_dancers.gif]

#4 04-07-2011
Cool, Xander! I'ma pull this apart, and learn Smile

@leefish: that's what you get with a BHAV coder on your team Smile


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