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Tested and working in a game patched to 1.26.89

The BMW MINI Cooper S - with 3 recolourable channels. Neglect a sim today - spend hours pimping your car ... Well, I made the Mini Cooper S and it is up on MTS in .packageformat. For those of you who want the sims3pack I have decided to make it available here on Leefish.

For those who want the .package version, please go to ModtheSims HERE

[Image: mini%20Garage.jpg]

When you buy a Mini Cooper in RL you can customise the bodywork quite a bit - different coloured roof, wing mirror and bodywork. You can also add stripes to the bonnet (hood for you Americans out there).

I worked hard on optimising its create a styleness - so I have made 6 presets using the masks and the stencils.

All car presets have the three basic recolourable channels - ROOF, WINGMIRROR, BODYWORK.
  • Preset 1 = the stripes on the bonnet are the same channel as the wingmirrors - so you can have stripes to match the wing mirrors.
  • Preset 2 = the white stripes on the bonnet are hardcoded - you can't change the colour of the stripes - see presets 5 and 1 for other colour options for the stripes
  • Preset 3 = no stripes, minimal chrome on the front grille
  • Preset 4 = for all you Anglophiles - the colour paint job that I always wanted but never dared to get - the Union Jack Roof and white stripes on the bonnet . NOTE: You can change the colour of the roof but there is no point as the Flag covers it. The white stripes are no longer hard coded - they are based on the roof colour set - see change log for detail.
  • Preset 5 = the black stripes on the bonnet are hardcoded - you can't change the colour of the stripes - see presets 1 and 2 for other colour options for the stripes
  • Preset 6 = lots of chrome, no stripes.

[Image: mini%20preset-collagesmall.jpg]

The easy way to remember which is which is that all the presets with stripes are with a fancy roof, the non striped have a plain roof.

Its my first car and the most complicated object for TS3 that I have made so far, and so, its not perfect......

Known Issues
  • The body was very well mapped by the original creator, and I did not mess with that. It looks good patterned, but the patterns do not line up EXACTLY. You can see the join between the wing and the sidepanels, but I think its ok - damned close.
  • The door is not animated
  • The mini is cloned from the sportscar (so that the wheels would match up) and as a result the sim sits too low in the car and the driving anims are off. You can see it in the night time shot.
  • The wheels do not turn - I asked around the modders community and this is a known issue with custom cars
  • Sometimes, when turning a corner, the lights sort of disengage from the body - and then catch up again. I do not know why this is so, again, its part of finding out how objects work.

Prices and Catalogue Location

In the vehicles category at a very reasonable 35000 simoleons.

Game Compatibility:

I had this tested in WA and HELS - it worked fine in both and in my base game.

Polygon Counts:
A rather staggering 10870 polys. This is the same for ALL LODs. I have a rubbish PC and its fine in game.

Additional Credits:
I did not make or texture this mesh myself - all credit for that is due to the original makers, my thanks to Jonathan for permission to use this mesh.

Mesh Creators
Jonathan Mace ( and Stecki (, purchased from (by jonathan). Thanks for the permission to use this mesh AT NO CHARGE to me...and by default all the simmers who download it.

Yet More Credits
TSR workshop - presets are fun to do!
FreshPrince for being supportive and helping me along
My testers, Davey and Dal.
x 8

Please do:
  • Include my objects in your lots
  • Use the objects etc in pictures/machinima/stories
  • Let me know if you recolour one of my items so I can post a link in the upload thread.
Please don't:
  • Share the files as downloads
  • Include my meshes with your recolours unless you ask me first.

You can ask me HERE

Mini Cooper S Screenshot Mini Cooper S Screenshot Mini Cooper S Screenshot        
Download link
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thanks a lot. An amazing piece of creativity!!!

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You did a wonderful job, thanks so much for sharing!

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Congrats on your forum and thanks for the Mini Cooper, it is absolutely stunning. I have also downloaded your windows at MTS and just love the one tile centred on two tile windows as I hate it if the tiles don't match in a room as it looks so unbalanced lol!


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