top games on mybb portal & index
#1 11-07-2011 
I want to but my top games on some pages.

This plugin should mostly be like the last one you (leefish) made for me named Latest Games on Portal/Index.

Hope this can be done.

Then you are better than the best Leefish Big Grin

#2 11-07-2011 
Ok, its possible, but how do you define a top game? Most played or highest rating?

Is that all you want in the "box" - just the title of the game and the image for it?
No other info?
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#3 12-07-2011 
Both.? If possible Big Grin
As I want to show a lot of games on my site Big Grin

#4 13-07-2011 
It can't be both at once - then we would have to use sorting urls and they always jump to the top of the page and piss people off.

Take a look on the portal. That's the top 5 games by avg rating, you see that if you sort by rating then there are games that are not played so much rated higher than games that are played a lot. If you get a lot of people rating games then it might be ok.

On the other hand, if you do it by played, you might have a really quick game that gets played a lot by one or two people - like the flight sim - at the top so number of times played is a bit unreliable too.
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#5 13-07-2011 
Okay. Thanks.

Well, I was not thinking of a plugin with both in once.

I was more thinking about a plugin to add the top rated games, and another plugin for the most played games.

Hope you understand me Tongue

#6 13-07-2011 
Oh right - well, that's easy to do - is this one ok for the top rated?
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#7 14-07-2011 
It is just perfect Big Grin

#8 14-07-2011 
ok, will upload this one tomorrow and start work on the other one. Anything else? Tongue
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#9 14-07-2011 
You are simply the best! Big Grin
"The girl of my life". Sorry, could not stop me writing that Tongue

#10 14-07-2011 
Plugin is posted:
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Sorry, that is a members only option